Being an artist is a calling...


One that dances into our lives in mysterious ways.

For some women, it is a faint whisper that won’t go away. For others, the call is so damn loud or feels completely foreign that they need help interpreting its commands.

Then there are those who own every art supply under the sun and sign up for workshop after workshop but still insist on saying “I’m not an artist. No way.”

Sometimes the calling feels heavy and buried. Like for the woman who received all the education, did all the things she was supposed to, but never feels like her art fits in, is good enough, or has something important to say.

It doesn’t matter how old/young you are, if you perceive yourself to have talent or not, if you went to the most prestigious art school or dedicated your life to raising a family, climbing the corporate ladder, or making ice cream — when you hear the calling, you hear the calling.

I believe the world will become a better, brighter, more kinder place for everyone as more women answer the call and MAKE. THEIR. ART.

I’ve made it my mission to help women embrace their artist calling, untangle it, define it on their own terms, and then sink into it with complete abandon and joy.

Making art is an adventure!

But I didn’t always feel this way.

I began my career by doing all the things I thought a good lil’ artist should do.

I got the fancy degrees, juggled a million art jobs, had a string of gallery shows, a list of commissions up the kazoo, and landed myself the most perfect teaching job imaginable. As fabulous as that life was, I constantly felt like I was swimming against the current of who I really was and that life was nothing but a non-stop stream of check-boxes to attend to.

That was until 2008 when I began a blog called Dirty Footprints Studio and firmly decided to quit doing what was expected of me as an artist and instead embraced what lit me up inside.

To my surprise the world opened-up and new possibilities started flowing in. From that point on, making art stopped being something I strived after — it became a sacred relationship I engage in, nurture, and share generously with others.

It is my mission to help other artists do the same!



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