My Name Is Connie Solera.

I am a mixed-media artist, painter, storyteller, and teacher with a fervent curiosity for all things soulful, creative, and mysterious. I make art every day, teach like my heart's on fire, and travel as much as I possibly can.

My workshops and retreats help artists create art that makes their cells sizzle, identify and understand their visual language, and embody their artist soul with gusto.

When I’m not in the studio covered in paint, you will find me hiking, kayaking, and sketching in my beautiful state of Arizona with my beloved husband Hansel, our amazing son Phoenix, and our sweet dog Rocket.

Thank you for opening the door to my online studio. Everything you find here will help you sink with confidence into the artist you are called to be. 

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A Little Bit Of Art Is Better Than No Art At All

September 23, 2020

Eight years ago, when my son was just a newborn, my husband got really sick. He was in-and-out of the hospital frequently and it felt like we spent more time in doctors’ offices than we did at home.

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My Absolute Favorite Art Supplies

September 18, 2020

Last month I asked my beloved online community: If we were in the studio together, what would you ask me? To my great surprise I have received hundreds of questions.

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Despair & Disbelief

September 11, 2020

The past few weeks, my morning walks with my dog Rocket have been under a beet-red sun and a hazy grey sky. The smokes from the California wildfires have made their way to Phoenix, and I notice that my family and I are coughing frequently and feel quite lethargic as well.

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