21 SECRETS Paper Glue Scissors Suggested Supplies

Below is a list of supplies each teacher is using in their workshop.

Please don’t let this list intimidate or overwhelm you.

As always in 21 SECRETS, you are encouraged to create with what you have on hand.

Alma de la Melena Cox :: Fused – Merging Photos and Mixed Media Art


Cell phone with built-in photo editor
Fused: Overlay Photo And Video photo app (download is available for Android or iOS)
Digital photos, 2–3. One photo for your background—I love architecture and nature photos and another photo of an artwork, or a piece of it. (Other examples: photograph a journal page, a colorful textile or a drawing.)
For my art background (optional) I used: Heavyweight paper for mixed-media, Golden Heavy Gel Medium, assorted cotton (quilting) fabrics and craft paints, brushes, a little water and paper towels.


Print your digital artwork on high-quality paper (like Epson Photo Paper) or, go to a print store like Fedex or Copymat.


Matte photo paper (nothing with a gloss)
Iron, with a cotton or high setting
Wood Panel (I used a 12” x 12” x 1.5” (31cm x 31cm x 4cm) wood panel)
Cotton fabric to place between your print and the hot iron (A piece of an old sheet or pillow case works. Do not let iron touch the surface of your art directly.)
Sharp scissors to cut through print and Steam-A-Seam 2
Fabric scissors (optional, for adding fabric to your final piece)
Steam-A-Seam 2 – double stick fusible web


Acrylic paints for embellishing final digital artwork and dimensional fabric paint

Amy Bruce :: Visual Nests

Bristol paper in a comfortable size
Sketch & Wash pencil
Water brush
Small & medium brushes of choice depending on size of brush marks desired and size of paper
Cup of water
Blotter paper
Cloth rag or towel to clean brush
Selection of Pitt pens with variable tips
Heavy Body White Acrylic Paint
Gel medium
Off-set palette knife of choice
Plastic card for scraping
Ephemera, photographs and chosen collage material
Adhesive of choice – Gluestick

Amy Maricle :: Papercuts


Art Journal (I like a smooth page with heft)
Paint Brush (Not too soft and not too stiff)
Acrylic Paints
Paper Towel or Paint Rags


Tracing Paper
Pens (I use both gel and paint)


Glue (Be sure to use a glue that is considered archival so that it won’t discolor over time.)
Glue Brush

Connie Solera :: Two-Sided

Various Magazines
Scissors or Exacto Knife
Adhesive (I prefer Mod Podge, Glossy)
Small sponge brush for applying adhesive
Bone Folder (or an expired credit/gift card works too)
Transparent or Semi Transparent Substrate (I prefer Dura-Lar sheets or transparency film. Vellum or parchment works great too.)


Acrylic paint
Paint pens
Paintbrushes in various sizes
Container for water
Paint rag
Painters tape
Mat for framing

Cynthia Shaffer :: Paper-Photo-Fabric Fusion + Stitching

Old book
Shipping tags
8 x 8 inch raw edge canvas panel
Papers, magazine clippings, photographs, wallpaper, old book pages
Fabric scraps in a variety of colors and patterns
Acrylic paint in a variety of colors
Paint brushes in a variety of sizes
Matte Medium
Craft glue stick
Matte Varnish
Gesso … Clear and white
Acrylic glazing medium
Distress inkpad in a variety of colors
Sewing machine with a free motion stitching/quilting foot and a heavy fabric needle
Black thread
Black Perle Cotton
Large eye needle
Black ballpoint pen
White paint pen

Dawna Magliacano :: Paper Portraits

Blank Pages in Journal
Clear Gesso or White Gesso
Vine Charcoal or Charcoal Pencil
Graphite Pencils
Handful of Water-soluble Crayons and/or Pastels
Assortment of Acrylics
Glazing Medium
Assortment of Papers
Water Vessel
Paper Towels
Cosmetic Sponge
Fluid Matte Medium or Matte Mod Podge
12×12 (or approximate) Wood Panel Substrate (or masonite/heavy paper – just want rigid surface)
Black India Ink*
Quill Pen*
Favorite Stencils

*In the alternative you can use any good fine line ink pen that will write over bumpy lumpy bits and bobs.

Denise Braun :: Angel Cards

Card stock or thick scrap book paper (any design or color you choose)
A Template for cutting out your “cards”
Ephemera or scrap book type supplies (think old pictures, sheet music, paper you love, stamps, die cut paper pieces, old book pages, etc.)
Pens you love to doodle with
Liquid acrylic inks (you can also use regular acrylic paint and water it down)
Acrylic ink
Paint Brushes
Spray bottle
Charcoal (sticks)
Paper towels


Ink Pad
Sugar spray paint

Jan Avellana :: Mixed-Media Accordion Art Journal

Old book covers (matching front and back covers, unattached to the spine)
Personal ephemera (favorite collage papers, photos, bits and pieces)
Acrylic paints or acrylic gouache
Golden Brand or Liquitex tube paint (open acrylics are not recommended as they take too long to dry)
Pencil and eraser
Matte medium, or your favorite adhesive
Bone folder or popsicle stick
Brushes for paint/glue
Large sheets of paper (thinner paper is recommended if you plan on writing in your journal, and heavier paper will hold water and paint if plan on painting in it)
Scissors/Exacto blade
Ribbon, string, leather cord or anything else you think would make a great closure for your journal)

Jessica Kovan :: Going Bigger

Art Journal
White Chalk
White Gesso
Black and white acrylic paint
Manganese blue hue fluid acrylic paint
Copper high flow acrylic paint
Matte and gloss medium (50/50 ratio)
Old hotel key/library card
Clean Water
Size 12 catalyst brush
Inktense pencils and blue Stabilo pen
Old magazines and computer images
Paper towels

Jill Krasner :: Journal Making

Assorted pieces of painted paper “scraps” all cut to same size (I like to work with 6×6 or 5×7)
Stickers, Washi tapes, bits and pieces of ephemera
Mixed media paints, inks, markers, crayons, rubber stamps, stencils, etc.
Xacto knife
Hole punch
Double sided tape
Small cutting mat
Linen book binding thread
Bone folder
½ yard of unprimed canvas, in unbleached muslim or fabric such as denim
Golden medium

Kelli May Krenz :: Journal Pages + Custom Envelopes

Kraft grocery bag/shopping bag
Coffee filters stained with coffee or tea
Paints ~ Brand Apple Barrel – Golden Sunset, Antique Parchment, Key West, Blue Cotton, English Navy, Cameo Pink, White or use Gesso
Old credit card or gift card
Paint brushes (any round tip craft brushes will work fine)
Heavy duty upholstery thread ~ Brand I use is Sew-ol-ogy sold at Hobby Lobby
Testors Gold Paint Metallic
Glue stick – extra strong
Masking tape
Embroidery threads – gray, rust, colors you like.
Bits of old fabrics, laces, trims, ribbons
Vintage book pages, vintage wrapping papers, art paper you collect, maps. Use what you have. Do not purchase all of these. These are just ideas for you.
Crayola Art Edge Metallic Markers
Inexpensive erasers
Bowl of water
Paper Towels
Seed beads, random beads left over from other projects. Nothing fancy.
Watercolors (any brand will be fine) Brand I am using Prima Pastel Dreams
Stamp pad (any brand) Brand I am using Ranger Distress Antique Linen
#2 Pencil
Black Stabilo Pencil

Large gallon size tea bag
Sargent Art Liquid Metal Metallic Paint
Dr. PH Martins Bleed Proof White
New Color Wax Oil Pastel Metallic Color used – Vert de Phtalocyanine

Kim Henkel :: Drawn to Collage

Plastic Mat (A piece of shelf lining or plastic bag to protect surface)
Paper (70-80lb paper) 2 pieces at least 8.5×11 inches
Copies of drawing to use in your collage  (I will supply a sheet of my drawings that can be used if you don’t have your own.
You will also need access to a printer to print the drawings onto the stained paper.)
Ink pads (I suggest one permanent in black or dark brown and the other in another color)
Walnut ink to stain paper (can use brewed black tea or coffee)
White compressed charcoal
Fine tipped permanent black markers
Variety of paint brushes for staining
Acrylic fluid matte medium (for gluing)

Pan Pastel (can substitute watercolor paint)

Lori Sparkly Franklin :: Hippie Chick Spaghetti Confetti Collage

12” x 12” Substrate
*Acrylic paint OR 1 sheet of 12”x12” scrapbook paper for base of collage
Chicken photo
Paper circle shape beneath chicken – I used vintage Sheet Music
Assorted Papers or Sparkly Heart Studio paper elements
Jar of Golden or Liquitex brand Matte Gel Medium
Baby Wipes
Paper Towels
credit card like tool & pin for smoothing air bubbles
Pasta machine (optional)
*Chip brush if painting basecoat
Small brush for painting canvas sides
Water bowl/water
Black Micron pen (optional)

Marcia Chadly :: Magical Moments

Images – from photographs, magazines, calendars, old books
Glue for paper – rubber cement, glue stick, acrylic medium
Exacto knife and cutting board
Roller or flat edge to smooth images as you glue them
Art journal (I used a 9×12 inch, spiral bound journal with mixed media paper.)

Mary Beth Shaw :: Heartswell Journaling

Text weight paper, black
Tissue, Lineco
Vintage text pages
Gesso – white and black
Sponges for stenciling
Gel Printing Plate
Acrylic paint
India Ink for splatters
Journal with mixed media paper of any type
Distress Oxide Inkpads
Spray Bottle for water
Prepared Collage Materials
Magazine pages
Fabric (optional)
Uhu Glue Stick
Brushes or old credit card or spatula to use as straight edge
Fineline bottle
Golden High Flow Acrylic, Shading Gray

Artist Nichole Rae :: A Practice of I AM Affirmation | An Art Journaling Card Deck

Index cards (lined or blank)
Misc papers ( scrapbook, maps, old book pages, paint samples)
Glue stick
Black ink pad
Misc rubber stamps
Alphabet rubber stamps (optional)
Washi tape – misc designs
Oil pastels
Black fine pen or marker
I AM word list (available to download)
Inspirational word list (available to download)

Petra Hzriwnatzki :: The Gentle Wildflower

Acrylic craft paint (your favorite colors)
Adhesive (Mod Podge, matte medium or whatever glue you love)
Alcohol inks (dark brown and any other color that you love)
Art journal
Black paint
Clipped text (words or phrases that speak to you, cut out from books or magazines)
Flower image (printed or from a book/magazine. I will also be attaching a few images you can download and print in case you need one)
Mark-making tools you have on hand
Paint scraper (old credit card or a card from a deck of cards)
Pens (white and black)
Pattern papers, vintage papers, any papers that speak to you

Fabric Scraps

Raven Skye McDonough :: Creating Unique Stamps

Brayer ( any size)
Lino handle cutter with assorted blades ( I use Speed Ball brand)
Speedball brand “Speedy Cut” rubber block
Black Gesso
Mat acrylic paints in colors of your choice
Acrylic Retarder ( any brand, I use Golden)
Foam Core Board ( cut ½ inch larger than the rubber block)
E 6000 Glue
Scrap book or any patterned papers
Art Journal
Paper pallet ( I use Reynolds brand freezer wrap taped over cardboard)
Foam Paint Pouncer or regular stencil brush
White candle
Pallet knife
Finger Nail brush – (for cleaning the brayer, stamp and paint on your hands)

Ro Bruhn :: Cut, Paste, Paint

Blank Journal
Mod Podge or medium for sticking down images
Glue brush
Acrylic paint markers
Black and white pens for highlights
Images (from magazines or your own)

Washi Tape
Bubble wrap

Roben-Marie Smith :: Snipped to Art Bits | A Mini Journal

Old book cover – no specified size
Masking tape
Sari ribbon
Scraps of colorful papers
Small paint brush for watercolors
Glue stick
Gel medium
Paint brush for gel medium
Paper cutter
Fine tip pen
An assortment of papers for the journal’s pages

Sheri Gaynor :: WildSoul Medicine Journaling

From video sample spread:
Golden iridescent Gold Fluid Acrylic or Chroma Metallic Gold
Golden Titan Buff Fluid Acrylic
Golden Teal Fluid Acrylic
Golden Iridescent Copper Fine (Tube)
Golden Acrylic Glazing Medium
Chroma Metallic Bronze
Portfolio Oil Pastels
Chalk pastels (any kind)
Vine Charcoal
Spray bottle of water mixed with a touch of rubbing alcohol
Paper Towels

From text:
Camera or phone camera
Art journal
Writing utensils (pens, water-soluble pencil, oil pastel or chalk pastel)
Acrylic paint and brushes
Paper ephemera that speaks to you
Magazine imagery

Oracle cards
Assortment of stamps
Fabric scraps
Tissue paper
Oil pastels