My beloved Hansel is the amazing photographer of this beautiful photo!! He rocks!

Last night I sat down and researched what is happening in Iran. All I’ve gathered earlier was a few tid-bits from twitter and just what some people have told me. But after spending at least a couple hours diving through the online media bank of information my heart began to sink for the sorrow and pain I took in. Before turning into bed, with a very heavy spirit, I wrote a post here on Dirty Footprints which included a couple powerful videos, a statement from President Obama, and a prayer from my broken heart.

This morning I woke up still with a heavy spirit and I deleted my post.

I think even if you refuse to be swept away by the media into any of the tragedies that are occurring on this planet at this moment, you still feel the effects of their universal impact in your life. Maybe there is an unexplainable sense of fear or unsteadiness that creeps in before you fade to sleep. Maybe those around you (who do soak in more then their share of images and words from the media) are edgy.

Taking in too much information can leave you feeling hopeless and deplete you of your own vital life force. Last night I felt that..and was wondering what can I do?

My answer was to share the things that I learned here on Dirty Footprints.

When I revisited my post this morning I realized that this is unnecessary and is a huge road block that just fell into the Dirty Footprints journey. It is NOT that I do not care, or that my compassion and prayers aren’t stretching to reach those souls. It has everything to do with what information and words are the truth of my heart, my life, my journey on this planet.

Dirty Footprints Studio is my nugget of the online world where I can spread peace. But it is crucial to the Universe that I do it in a fashion that is a direct route from my heart, and not just mirroring the fear and tragedies that are so prevalent in the media already. The conflict in Iran alone can be looked at as a strong example of how incredibly influential blogs, twitter, and YouTube can be. How the honest (& even deceitful) words and images of ordinary people can make a difference in strangers lives.

So how does Dirty Footprints Studio share the yearning for peace for the citizens of Iran and for all souls found in great hardship?

By spreading creativity instead of images of destruction.

By invoking laughter instead of sorrow.

By sharing Art instead of fear.

By promoting Yoga instead of politics.

If you blog, tweet, or upload videos….I encourage you to examine what your words are saying and what route they took to arrive. Remember– each one of us is making a huge difference to someone somewhere.

Peace & Love.

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