Night Vision Is Starting Soon

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For the longest time I was NOT a fan of soft pastels.  Something about them just didn’t appeal to me.

But then last year, when the world suddenly turned upside down, I decided to give them a try.

I found the gentle way you can push color around and fade one shade into another so absolutely soothing and grounding. 

Each night, before turning into bed, I grabbed my pastels and a package of baby wipes (for keeping my fingers clean!) and smudged away.

Within a couple weeks I filled an entire handmade journal with soft, ethereal drawings and Night Vision was born.

My pastel affair didn’t stop when the journal was complete. Instead I started to smudge larger and expand onto paper almost as tall as me.

Working with soft pastels shifted my creative practice in ways I could have never predicted.

For decades, I’ve been devoted to oil pastels.  They are one of my absolute favorite and must have materials still. But now soft pastels play an important role in my creativity as well.

Soft pastels are a different animal than oil pastels . That’s what I like about them.

Soft pastels force you to slow down and enjoy the pure act of applying color and creating marks in a completely different way than oil pastels or paint does. It feels more magical to watch a figure or shape emerge from a dusty, field of color.

And don’t even get me started about how delicious it is to get your fingers into the mix — smudging and blending the pastels into complete hazy oblivion! It’s so dang good!

I’m excited to announce that registration for my new Night Vision eCourse is now open!

It is with great joy that I invite you to join me in Night Vision where together we’ll make a body of eleven pastels drawings.  But before we dive in, I will teach you the ins-and-outs of using these little magic sticks of color.  

In Night Vision we’ll geek-out over the different type of soft pastels that are available and the mysterious ways they respond to different papers, techniques, and ways to apply them.

Before we start kicking out intuitive drawings, I want you feeling like a soft pastel rock star.  We’ll even go into some basic color theory, so you’re not making muddy messes.

Night Vision officially starts Friday, March 19th.  

Register between now and March 15th and receive a $30 discount, plus I have a couple juicy modules up and waiting for you in the Night Vision classroom as well.

Then, starting Friday, March 19th Night Vision will be a self-paced eCourse — meaning you’ll have access to all the content at once for you to work through at a pace that fits your creative rhythm and lifestyle. And YES! All videos, audios, PDFs, and content is yours to keep and return to again-and-again.  There’s also a private Night Vision classroom to receive support and share with your peers.

Plus, to shake things up I will be doing a live Zoom call on Wednesday, April 7th at 10 AM PST with a demo and time for Q&A for all Night Vision students.


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