Night Vision Starts Today!

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In Night Vision you will create a body of work using soft pastels that explores your inner universe of dreams, memory, and intuition.  We’ll be asking ourselves: How do I see in the dark?

This Self-Paced eCourse covers:

  • Juicy techniques and applications to working with soft pastels.
  • The principles of intuitive drawing, including a basic understanding of color theory and how it applies to pastels.
  • Guidance on how to create a body of work with intention.
  • Tips on how to foster and sustain a daily creative practice no matter how much time/energy/resources you have at hand.
  • Eleven inspiring stories told by Connie via audio to inspire your drawings and help you build a cohesive body of work.
  • Instruction on how to begin to identify and understand your unique visual language.
  • An opportunity to embrace your inner critic and resistance with kindness.
  • Ideas and support for expanding your body of work once you complete the eCourse.

Here’s a teeny-tiny peek into what you can expect to see….


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