Summer Solstice


Here is the very start of my latest FEARLESS Painting.  At first I was thinkin’ tree…but after sitting with it awhile–it’s screaming dancer to me.

Just like that–an image can transform before your eyes.


Last night I was going through a big pile of stuff that’s been sitting around in my studio.  I found a book I never finished over a year ago.  Inside was one of my vision cards I make—I used it as a bookmark–and I was blown away by the image I had chosen.

I was reading this book–and using this bookmark shortly before I was pregnant with Phoenix.

I knew before I actually knew.

Heck, I knew before my body was even ready to know!


And today is the Summer Solstice.  I can’t help but feel magic brewing all around.  It’s like a tingly feeling in the air.

Do you feel it too?

To honor the longest day of the year I plan on spending time with my painting and snuggling on the couch with Phoenix to watch the sunset.

And simply being grateful for another Summer that I am alive.

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