Here We Are



Good Morning World.

Here we are.
Phoenix and I.
Somewhere around 6 AMish.

He’s out cold from his morning feeding. And I, receiving a straight 6 hours of sleep (hallelujah!) are wide awake.

I want to thank everyone that so kindly sent me a sky photo for my Piecing Together The Sky project.  When I put forth the request last week I honestly thought I’d receive maybe 30 or 40 altogether.

But I have received way over 200 photos.

I’m still far from opening all the emails and replying.

And that’s the thing–I want to reply back.

I really want each person to know how grateful I am that they are contributing–but even more, I came to realize that this project is about love.

Love and our beautiful spirit.

The two, which in my opinion, are really one.

I look at Phoenix, and I see the proof.

I read the memories people are sharing with me in their emails of loved ones passed–and I can’t help but notice it too.

Then, I see THIS photo of John’s Mom from this past weekend’s New Orleans parade that was held in his honor, and well–all I see is love and John’s spirit.

The two things that never die.

This project has swung open doors inside my heart.  It has expanded my awareness.  It has humbled me tremendously to the real power that exists in this world: how very connected we all are.

We are the blue skies, the fluffy clouds, majestic sunrises.
We are the forest fires in Colorado, the starving in Africa, the rich in mansions on purple mountain tops.
We are art and music and dance and words drifted together in harmony.
We are war.  We are fear.  We are unrequited desire.

I feel like a preacher stating this–cause you’re not going to get it, until you get it.
And somehow, I feel so blessed, cause I got it just a little bit more this past week.

Just by looking at the sky.

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