Drawing Equates Love


I’m sad to say that all of my Grandparents have passed away.   But one (of many) blessings that I had was that before each one of them died– a day or two before their Souls left this Earth, I sat silently in a corner of their room drawing them.

Even when I first lost my beloved maternal Grandmother at age 17, I found the courage to face her mortality with my pencil and paper.

This has nothing to do with death–or even with healing or closure.  This act of drawing for me, has always been about Love.

Love and nothing less.

It’s no surprise that I feel a deep longing now to draw Phoenix’s every little move.

To capture snapshots of his life through my fingers and hands.

To collect fragments of our time together on paper.

To see him.  Really see him.

And to deepen our Love the best way I know how–
Through Art.

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