How I Deciphered A Cry


When I was pregnant I heard all the time that once Phoenix was born, that I would just know.

That I would know what to do–and especially, that I would know the difference between a hungry cry from a sleepy cry from a change my diaper cry from a let’s snuggle cry.

Then Phoenix arrived and I was surprised how much I actually did know.  How much came naturally to me and with such great ease even.

But the thing that got me right away was the crying.

I wasn’t getting the hungry cry or the sleepy cry or the change my diaper now cry.

I was just getting one cry.  And alot of it.  And at high ungawdly pitches even.

And sometimes I’d try everything–and the cry would still persist.  Was there a cry I was unaware of?
Was it me—was my cry radar just off or non-existant?  I’d even ask Hansel–do you know the difference between his cries?

Hand Sandwich

Just yesterday, I noticed something.

Three months later, I now know what Phoenix needs right away when he starts to cry.  Just like that–I know the difference between a wet diaper cry from a mama hold me cry.

His cry hasn’t changed.

I’ve just become more aware and in tuned with him–with my maternal wisdom even.

When I realized this, a huge smile came across my face.  I couldn’t help but think how much knowing my baby’s cry is like FEARLESS Painting–like anything that has to do with our intuition or innate wisdom that is.

First, I have to say this….I believe with all my heart that every woman alive possess this deep ocean of innate wisdom inside themselves.

I believe it’s what makes us women radiate and different than men.

I believe it’s the seed that can heal the whole planet even.

And most of all, I believe it’s the fuel that feeds creativity in all it’s form–especially the Arts.

And I believe that it’s this innate wisdom we possess that is our direct link to Creative Source–to God–to the Universe that makes us women just as powerful as the Sun.

But just because we women possess this incredible gift doesn’t mean tapping into it always happens with ease.  Many times we’re like a new Mom trying to decipher a cry.

The reason is because our minds have become so loud and overpowering that we can barely hear the whisper of this great wisdom inside us.

Anyone who has ventured through BIG can tell you–FEARLESS Painting is not about painting–it’s about understanding and accessing our innate wisdom with greater ease.  It’s about removing all the junky junk that is blocking our direct route to this gift within us.  It’s about knowing our truth–instead of listening to the stories we keep carrying around with us.

And when we FEARLESS Paint–something happens.   Just like one day I realized I do know the different cries of my sweet baby–in FEARLESS Painting, just like that–you start to feel connected to your truth again.  To your radiance.  To your light.

It has nothing to do with me.  I don’t possess any secrets that you don’t already know deep inside you.
I just hand you some tools and support you as YOU begin to unveil the beauty of your spirit–the language of your Soul.

BIG is on sale now.

It is the last time I will be holding space for my tribe of FEARLESS Painters this 2012 and even better–we’ll be FEARLESS Painting in the season of Fall–a time of great release and shedding.

Do you hear the calling?

Then I’d love if you would join me.

Please go HERE to learn more and to register–and feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.  I would love to hear from you.

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