FEARLESS Inspiration :: Natasha Reilly


The weather here in Arizona has been perfect.  Finally we can open the windows again–and the sunshine is more softer, friendlier–than it’s Summer aggressive self.But my heart has been very heavy this week. Making it difficult to enjoy it.  It’s hard to believe that I live on the same land that miles away Hurricane Sandy wreck havoc on.  My dear, dear friend and fellow FEARLESS Painter Natasha Reilly, who I affectionately call Taschie, has been hit terribly by the storm. She was suppose to come here and visit me this week, but instead her and her family were evacuated and forced to find shelter for her, her husband, and two small children.I’ve been keeping touch with Taschie every day–and like a true FEARLESS Painter, the one thing she grabbed before having to leave their home was her paints and paper.Here are her mini FEARLESS Painters hard at work…

Taschie told me today that having painting supplies has made a HUGE difference for her mini FEARLESS Painters. That painting has allowed them to manage a ton of stress and emotion as they still wait to hear about their home.Today, I would like to honor Taschie and her mini FEARLESS Painters as my FEARLESS Inspiration.Through all the horror, uncertainty, stress, and sadness that this has been brought upon them–they still look to build a better today and tomorrow by painting.  I admire Taschie so deeply.  This incident is only one in many that she has faced adversity and always comes through flinging paint and spreading color in the world.  She even mentioned to me that she so wishes she could get painting supplies to all the children in NYC who have lost their homes entirely and are hurting.  That is just a testimony of how much of a FEARLESS Inspiration she truly is. Taschie, there is great, great love here for you and your minis!!  My heart and prayers go out to all who have been touched by Sandy. I send you blessings and strength.



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