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21 SECRETS runs April 1, 2013 through January 1, 2014.

All classes are available 24/7 during this time only.


Registration closes October 1st.


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Here is a brief introduction to the heart-centered, talented teachers at 21 SECRETS 2013.  Feel free to click on their names to be transported to their bloggy homes.

Carissa Paige 

Carissa Paige is an intuitive voyager, artist and writer enamored with self-exploration and healing. She inspires others to show up, dig deep, get messy, and live adventurously despite circumstance

Cathy Bluteau

I am a creative soul for sure but I didn’t fully understand this until 2008 when I began my blog. There I found my place, along with many wonderful artists who inspired and drove me to be better and better. My real love is mixed media and I have been doing this most of my life, without ever really knowing there was a name for it. Mostly self-taught my art ranges from colorful and whimsical as in my doodle art work, to a little more serious mixing different mediums in my journals and art pieces on canvas. Since opening my blog I have been published in many Somerset Publications including Art Journaling, Artful Blogging, Somerset Life, and Sew Somerset to name a few. While still maintaining (for now) a full time job I get to exercise my passions by offering online classes in both doodling and journaling and by keeping my shop stocked with handmade items I create. I am always bubbling with new ideas and fired up to share all of these with you.

Danielle Daniel

Danielle paints and writes true stories; the kind that sit below the surface. The ones that have remained unspoken, even for generations. She believes our stories connect us and by sharing them we create bridges and make space for new stories.

Danielle used to wear teacher pants to work, encouraging the next generation to dream big and follow their hearts, until she decided to pursue her own calling to become a full time artist.  In January 2010, she confronted her doubts and fears and moved forward. She has never looked back.

She is inspired by her Aboriginal-Algonkin roots, good books, authentic people and women from the past who dared and defied.

Danielle is writing a collection of personal essays about equal amounts of loss and love, threading each story one word at a time.  The truth will set her free.

Returning Teacher!  Diana Trout

Diana Trout trained as a painter at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  Trout exhibits her mixed media artwork at galleries and shows. She has been teaching art journaling, bookarts and mixed media art since 1993 at various local and national venues. Her artwork and articles have appeared in national magazines and art zines. Trout’s book, Journal Spilling, Mixed Media Techniques for Free Expression is currently available.  Diana’s DVD, Playful Paper Backgrounds is available through the Interweave Store.

Dion Dior  Returning Teacher!

Dion was born and raised beside the ocean in Australia where the treasure to be found in a rock was more valuable than the crown jewels of England. She grew up in a house filled with energy, laughter, and arguments over the bathroom.
After graduating college she spent several jam-packed decades traveling the world as a woman alone, exploring, sketching and writing about her life-changing experiences. She met her husband on the roof of the world, trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp. Two years later her daughter was born and four years after that, her son arrived, 16-weeks premature. Within the blink of an eye, Dion’s predictable and simple, art-filled life was turned upside down. Today, she lives in rural Iowa with her husband and two thriving children, where her attempts at growing a veggie garden have been disastrous.
Dion’s art is well known for its color, sparkle, and shimmer. She draws most of her inspiration from nature and will use its many faces to fuel her work. Her journals and sketchbooks are filled with luscious, shimmering pages – treasured expressions of her endless adventures which she shares on her blog, and her fine art can be found in galleries and collections around the world.
When not creating art, Dion’s main focus is on writing and teaching. Her master classes and workshops are always filled to capacity, and her online classes are hugely popular. Her gentle, nurturing, teaching style has helped fuel the creativity of so many budding artists.

Erin Bassett

Erin lives in Southern California with her husband, an old Golden Retriever, a new puppy, and a very fat cat. She is also blessed to be the Aunt of 4 children. While she has been working as a craft designer and artist for many years, she is a craft addict at heart who loves to do something creative every day. Her current loves are mixed media art, crochet, digital & traditional scrapbooking, jewelry making, crafts, and sewing.
Erin loves sharing her love of all things artsy on her blog and in the classes and events she teaches at. She has also had many of her projects published in various magazines and books and considers it a blessing to be able to call her passion “work”.

Hali Karla

Hali Karla is a paint-slinging, word-wrangling, music-loving, earth-walking Artist devoted to communing with Creative Mystery through the intentional exploration of the river where spiritual practice joins creative process. She is deeply interested in how acts of personal prayer, intention and devotion can be amplified in creative connections and community-oriented vessels of support. This is the seed that started the Art of Prayer group, where Hali holds space for others to excavate their own stories, celebrate their innate wisdom, and develop an intention-centered creative practice from their own intrinsic connection to the Sacred ~ accessible both beyond and within ordinary daily life. With a background in performing & fine arts, as well as nursing, and a lifelong love affair with human resiliency and spiritually guided questions, she is fascinated by the divine wisdom of our bodies, the healing power of Presence to self and others, and the dynamic, continuous energetic exchange of All that is.
Hali considers herself blessed to live a creatively guided life in the inspiring mountains of Asheville, NC with her husband, who is also an artist & musician, and their joyful four-legged companions. She considers her home to be right where she is, in any moment she allows the sensational, sacred connection with Source to permeate her awareness and experience ~ and it is her deepest joy to inspire others to awaken and dwell in their own sense of divine wisdom and creative empowerment.

Joanne Sharpe

“Whimsical art maker” Joanne Sharpe is a colorful mixed media artist and enthusiastic teacher with a passion for art journaling, doodling and illustration.  She is well known for her signature style of distinctive hand lettering and love of bright bold colors.
Joanne recently launched a workshop DVD called “Artful Lettering” and will also have book published in 2014 with Interweave Press.  Joanne’s playful art has been featured in the popular publications Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, Somerset Studio, Somerset Art Journaling and Somerset Apprentice magazines.  In addition to teaching her classes online and nationwide, she has been licensing artwork to the craft, fabric and giftware markets for two decades.
Mother of four kids, three Bengal cats and a Golden Retriever,  Joanne and her husband Tom reside in Rochester, New York, which is in between the two snowiest cities in the United States.

Jodi Ohl

Jodi Ohl is a self-taught mixed media artist, originally from Dunkirk, NY, who now resides in Aberdeen, NC. Having recently left her day job to pursue her artistic career full time, she is has built a body of work that is known for its distinctive texture, bold color combinations, often whimsical or abstract compositions, as well as motivational in nature.  Her art appeals to those that seem to be young at heart and who appreciate the positive side of life whether communicated through words, colors, or composition.   Published in a variety of international mixed media magazines such as Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset Studios, Artful Blogging, Artful Journaling, Somerset Holidays and Celebrations, and Cloth Paper Scissors Studios, as well as a contributor to two mixed media books, Art at the Speed of Life by Pam Carriker and Cloth Paper Scissors, The Book by Barbara Delaney, Jodi enjoys writing about her art and sharing the love of healing and motivation through creativity.  She is represented by regional galleries in North Carolina  and in her home state of NY.  In addition, Jodi is a popular mixed media art teacher online and in person, teaching at both large and small local and national workshops around the US.  When not painting, she enjoys time with her two sons, Josh, 11 and Zach, 17 as well as other friends and family.   Jodi welcomes visitors to her blog Sweet Repeats where you can find a full listing of classes, weekly musings, and additional artwork for sale.


Kate Crane

Kate lives in the north of England with her husband, two children, several small animals and a dog! In real life she is a school teacher, but in her free time she loves to play with paint, inks, rubber stamps and anything else she can get her hands on! She has been creative all of her life but a passing interest in cardmaking and scrapbooking  led her into mixed media art and eventually art journaling. She has been on several design teams, most recently Stampotique (USA) and Dylusions for Ranger. She has written regularly for Craft Stamper magazine (UK) and has also been published in several Stampington magazines including Somerset Art Journaling, Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio, Stampers Sampler, and Somerset Apprentice. Kate has made four DVDs on the subject of Art Journaling which were published by Traplet (UK) but have sold internationally. She has a passion for teaching and sharing her ideas and techniques, and holds regular classes in various locations. She also loves social networking and blogging, and sees this as a great way to inspire and to be inspired. She describes her style as colourful, quirky, honest and a little off the wall!

Kim Phillips van Buren

Kim Philips van Buren, otherwise known as The Dutchess of Orange, is a 35 year old teacher and Creative Soul from The Netherlands.  Kim works as an elementary school teacher during the day and also loves teaching “Creative and Juicy Art” in her beautiful old fort studio located in the center of town  as well.  She currently offers two online workshops:  “Creative Fitness–Train Your Creative Muscles” and “The Orange (R)evolution”.
In September of 2009 Kim first picked up a paintbrush in Dirty Footprints Studio’s online workshop BIG and knew immediately that this was a definite part of her–that painting was something she was suppose to be doing because it made her come alive!  This feeling has never left her since!
Kim loves creating stuff with her hands (and  sometimes feet), teaching, and bringing the two together is what her whole life is about.  She can’t wait to help you squeeze all the juiciness out of your life and transfer it into your art journal!

Kristina Oppegard

Kristina Oppegard, or “KITTY” as she’s know by friends, is a self taught Mixed Media artist living on the Central Coast of California.
A self proclaimed and proud “Midnight Artist” moonlighting as a comedian, you can find her most nights listening to music and making a mess of her coffee table, flinging vintage scraps of paper and gesso around!
As an ever aspiring Fearless Painter, Kitty uses humor to soften rough edges and bring people closer to their Lion Hearts.
You can find Kitty’s art at a boutique in her home town, & pieces in Tennessee and Canada & for sale at her Etsy shoppe!

Marah Johnson

Marah Johnson grew up all over the United States and Canada never really calling one place home. Her parents were true hippies – living the hippie, bohemian lifestyle. Constantly on the move, Marah went to well over a dozen schools before she started 7th grade. To put food on the table, her mother used to make art dolls, quilts, and jewelry and sell everything at craft fairs. Most of the family friends were artisans as well, so whether by osmosis, or by her never ending curiosity, Marah learned to bead, sew, paint, carve wood, tool leather, caste molds, card and spin wool, weave, throw clay, paint silk, paint with beeswax, block printing, screen printing, and embroidery…phew…all before the age of 10. Needless to say, art was, and still is, Marah’s coping skill – her drug of choice.
Marah has been in the industry for the past 12 years, teaching both locally and internationally. She has been licensed with Creative Imaginations for 10 years and is best known for her edgy, grungy, rock influenced artwork and her love of texture. Her work has been published several times by Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, Design Originals, Legacy, Scrapbooking and Beyond, Paper Crafting and a few more that she can’t remember…she has so many ideas floating around in her head that her memory skills are lacking a bit.
Marah is still happiest, barefoot, hair pulled in a ponytail, comfy clothes, fingers full of ink and glue with a bit of paint and glitter thrown in for good measure. She is known for getting lost in her projects and having to remember to set an alarm clock so she doesn’t forget to pick up her kids at school and more often than not, forgets to eat lunch.
Marah Currently resides in Huntington Beach Ca with her sweetheart Jack, her youngest daughter Madeline and her darling step daughter Cierra.

Rachel Awes

Rachel awes is a psychologist, author, art playgroundist, wife, mom, + friend, who loves listening to the beauty in people.

Rae Missigman

Rae Missigman is a mixed media artist with a passion for repurposing found items and turning them into something beautiful. When creating, she loves combining paints, dyes, paper mediums, and textiles – including a large collection of vintage fabric and wool.

She dreams of her having her own brick and mortar store filled with well loved, repurposed items that she will share with the world.  She lives in St. Cloud, FL with her supportive husband and five lovely children.

Ro Bruhn

I ‘m a graphic designer but gave up full time work eighteen months ago to concentrate on my art and teaching. I’ve been an artist, in one form or another, all of my life.
My passion is working with fabrics, papers, jewellery and painting in acrylic and pastels. Colour plays a vital role in my work, it’s influence can be seen across all forms of my art. As Kaffe Fassett said “if in doubt add 20 more colours’ a prophecy I abide by.
I’ve participated in numerous exhibitions showing my journals, paintings and jewellery. My artworks are in Australian and International collections. I also sell my jewellery at galleries in Australia and on my Etsy, my journals are available for purchase on my Etsy.
I’ve had my work published in America’s Belle Amoire Jewellery Magazine, Australian Get Creative magazine, Australian Beader magazine, one of my journals was featured in the American magazine Cloth Paper Scissors in the July/August 2011 edition. I’ve had a piece of my art published in a book ‘Plaster Studio’ and some of my hand made fabric cards were featured in the American publication Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts, Christmas 2011 magazine.
I teach workshops on a regular basis from my home and at other venues and have taught with overseas tutors including Nina Bagley, Misty Mawn,Traci Bautista and Susan Lennart Kazmer, at retreats here in Australia. I taught at an International retreat with DJ Pettitt in Melbourne back in March this year.

Roben Marie Smith

Roben-Marie Smith might still be plugging away as a public relations consultant, had the charm of mixed-media not lured her away over a decade ago.  Today, she experiments with many craft and art forms, including mixed media, art journaling, sewing, digi designing and more. She likes to laugh but sometimes takes things too seriously. She doesn’t like wearing shoes, is a loyal friend, is afraid of heights, is an introvert who works hard to be an extrovert and one day would like to say that making things for others is her job!
In addition to designing products, Roben-Marie shares her love of mixed-media art, handmade journals and more through her inspiring blog, Every Life Has a Story, offering video tutorials, step by step how-to’s, give-aways and workshops.
She has been published in a number of magazines and books and most recently her art appears in Journal It! by Jenny Doh and published by Lark Crafts. She relaxes by reading, watching romantic comedies and football and spending time with her husband of 23 years.
She is also very involved with her church and assists her husband as they work with the teenagers weekly in their home. She has also traveled to Panama, El Salvador and Romania for mission work.
Roben-Marie is the owner of Paperbag Studios, LLC which offers a full line of rubber art stamps.

Returning Teacher!  Tammy Garcia

Tammy Garcia is a self-taught artist and mom living in Texas with her husband and their 11 + 13 year old daughters. Tammy has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and a background in quantitative analysis. Tammy creates mixed media paintings, art journals, draws mandalas, takes photographs, makes art quilts and stitched journals.


Terri Kahrs

Formally trained as an Interior Designer, Terri Kahrs is passionate about her love for mixed media collage and art journaling. She discovered these creative outlets after having enjoyed a successful career as a muralist.  Her artistic exploration began in her early childhood.
Defined by highly saturated color and whimsical elements, Terri’s deceptively simplistic style begins with vintage images that are digitally improved. Next, she marries them to rich, intriguing layers of hand-applied media and adds additional enhancements. Her creative process is deeply intuitive – she believes that her vibrant hues come from a place deep within her soul.
Terri’s work is in private collections worldwide, and she has been a member of several digital creative teams. Her work has been prominently featured in “Somerset Art Journaling”, “Somerset Studio” and “Somerset Apprentice.”

Tracy Verdugo

Tracy Verdugo is a painter, teacher, singer and writer. She lives in a seaside village in a funky mudbrick house with her husband, two daughters and two kitties. She can be found most mornings in a red dressing gown with a mug of coffee meandering around her garden talking to the plants or alternatively sitting behind her computer screen with a mug of coffee talking to art friends around the world……
“The universal theme of connection underlies all of my work; connection to each other and the ways in which we express our humanity; connection with the natural world and the beauty that surrounds us; connection with the divine and a sense of something greater at work in our lives.
My paintings are often created intuitively and I am often surprised at the finished piece. I am inspired by our travels in Mexico and the colours, exuberance of Spirit and magical experiences I have shared with my family there.
I love texture and the sensuality, rhythm and pattern of fabrics and often incorporate these mixed media elements into my work.


I like to believe that we are all part of an intricate and breathtaking tapestry. Our only choice each moment is whether to be a part of the creating or a part of the unravelling.

Whitney Ferré

Whitney Ferré is the author of two books on creativity, including The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit, and plays “Chief Creativity Guru” at CreativelyFit.com where she inspires individuals and her trained Creatively Fit Coaches to live their lives as ART. Since 1996, Whitney has used art making as a vehicle for personal empowerment and spiritual growth. Whitney wants you to live your most authentic personal expression and connect with your infinitely creative Higher Self by “making your mark” daily. Look to connect with Whitney in-person as she travels the globe to teach her painting workshops, like Painting Your Personal Altar, and co-leading The Journey Retreats.
21 SECRETS is hosted by:

Connie Hozvicka 

Founder & Director!
FEARLESS Painter.  Mother.  Yogini.
My devotion is to building sweet little nests where women can journey deep into their heart space–express freely the dark and light of being female–and experience wildly the divine joy that comes from gathering with other women in creativity.  21 SECRETS is one of those cherished nests.  Welcome!
21 SECRETS runs April 1, 2013 through January 1, 2014.
All classes are available 24/7 during this time only.
(Please note:  An email with information on how to finalize your 21 SECRETS membership will automatically be sent to the email address you use to purchase 21 SECRETS on Pay Pal.  Please check that email inbox and the Spam folder too.  Thank you!)


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