Today Is A Beautiful Day!


Today is a beautiful day!!!

First, my fourth annual 21 SECRETS is officially on sale!!  You can go HERE to register and learn more about the inspiring, heart centered, classes that are weaving together one of the best 21 SECRETS I think I’ve created yet!!  I simply love how the classes really compliment one another.  I hope that you will join us this year–because I also have some great surprises planned as well!

Second, today is a beautiful day because in just a few hours I’ll be on a plane to Oakland, California!  I knew for months that I would be devoting 2013 to PAINT–and so when I decided this way back, I signed up for the New Year Painting workshop with Chris Zydel and Pixie Campbell to solidify my intention!

Let me tell you–I AM READY!  With all that has been happening in my life lately–I know that this weekend retreat is not only in order for my painting practice–but for my overall wellbeing–and I couldn’t imagine two more loving, magical women to surrender myself to for a weekend!

Please feel free to join me over at FACEBOOK where I’ll be sharing snippets of my trip with you–and of course I can’t wait to share here at Dirty Footprints Studio when I get back!!

Wishing you a beautiful day too!

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