Join Me Please!!!


For months and months now I keep yakking about how I need to simplify.

Simplify my life.
Simplify my day.
Simplify my studio.
Simplify my business.
Simplify my diet.
Simplify just about everything!

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And each week, as I chat  on Skype with one of my best friends in the world : Selina Barker–she keeps pushing me to commit.  To sign up to her 30 Day Challenge this March and really start to put some intention into all my yakking.

So after great reflection, a little loving push from Selina, and just plain-ol sick of living with so much shit clutter–  I’ve decided I’m going to do it!!

Now, I think it’s important to let you know how HUGE this is.

I’m not one to take online courses that often. To be honest–the amount of online courses I’ve taken (not including 21 SECRETS of course) you can count on one hand.

But other than I just adore Selina and her cohort John Williams of Screw Work Let’s Play—the thing that I like about this online course the most is that it’s LESS course–and MORE of a fun way of gaining support, tools, and the much needed accountability to actually make a dent into that something you really want to do.

So that’s it!! I’m going to stop yakking about simplifying–and start doing it.  Even though I’m not 100% certain what this is going to look like–except for creating more space–I’m excited to embrace this journey.

And now for the best part….drum roll please…..I told Selina that I want to invite my FEARLESS Painters along as well–and convinced her it would be super cool to give my favorite people in the world a bit of a juicy discount–so you too can join me in doing something you want to do.

Now–it doesn’t have to be simplifying like me.  You can get a start on doing whatever that thing is that’s been calling you—like starting a blog, getting your sweet bootie in the studio more, finishing your novel, starting a new body of art work, diving deeper into your art journal–whatever!!!

I just would love for some of my beloved FEARLESS Painters to join me!!  Selina has agreed to give all my lovelies a HUGE deal that closes at the end of the day tomorrow, Sunday, February 24th.  Regularly The 30 Day Challenge costs $460–but you can join me, Selina Barker, John Williams, and the 30 Day Challenge family for $227—but you have to use this link HERE!!!

And–I am NOT an affiliate–I do not get some kickback if you join–I just want the added support and love of having my FEARLESS Painters there to share in making dreams happen!!!

Be sure to  check out the video above—you get to listen in as Selina and I chat on Skype about the 30 Day Challenge and how I’m gonna start simplifying! simplifying! simplifying!!!

Hope to see you there!

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