Swooning Over Diana Trout, Dion Dior, and Erin Bassett


Now through March–every Friday I’ll be swooning over three of my heart-centered, talented teachers that are leading this year’s 21 SECRETS!!  Today I introduce you to Diana Trout, Dion Dior, and Erin Bassett–and hope that you fall in love with them as much as I have!! Plus, be sure to check out last week’s swoonfest HERE–where I sparkle love all over Carissa Paige, Cathy Bluteau, and Danielle Daniel.


This is Diana Trout‘s second year of teaching at 21 SECRETS and I couldn’t be more happy about that!  Diana is a very generous, big-hearted kind of Artist.  She shares her process and LOADS of helpful inspiring tips and tricks on her blog regularly–and she does Art work that I absolutely drool over!!  I’m really excited about her class this year–coming up with games for art journaling is simply pure genius!!

Here is one of her drool prompting pieces of Art that I’m talking about…..

By Diana Trout.


I remember the first time I found Dion Dior online–it was through my Art Journal LOVE Flickr group, I believe–and my jaw absolutely dropped to the floor when I saw her work.  This Artist has sparkles and glitters and shiny bling bling that can make anyone swoon with awe!!! Plus–her drawing style is a part whimsical and part realistic–but all juicy!!  And to top it off–Dion adds real Soul to her work.  Her last 21 SECRETS class Wisdom Circles got me super inspired to start making mandalas!!  I have a feeling that her class this year is going to inspire me to embrace more Sparkle-arkle (love that name!) in my life too!

By Dion Dior.


I first was introduced to Erin Bassett through last year’s 21 SECRETS.  She was a student there and posting really beautiful work–which got me curious and lead me to her blog–where she as well posts loads of inspiring goodies.  She also is incredibly sweet–and a huge dog lover–which melts my heart.  I  especially love keeping up with Erin and her pups on Instagram too–but most of all, I love that she is so prolifically creative and excited to share it with others.  That to me is truly what an Artist is about–and Erin is going to bring a great twist to this years 21 SECRETS by taking our Art off the page and onto our bodies! I so, so, so can’t wait!!

By Erin Bassett.


Please join me next Friday when I swoon over Hali Karla, Joanne Sharpe, and Jodi Ohl–and to learn more about 21 SECRETS and to register–go HERE.

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