To Take A {Sacred} Pause


When it comes to the sacred, I feel that we are living in very precarious times.  Just scroll on Facebook and I’m certain you will find someone trying to sell you that business is sacred–money is sacred–chasing your dream is sacred.

But from my experience, this is not true.

I have great reverence for the work that I do, the container that supports it, and even the commerce that is generated from it.  But my work in itself is just that.  Work.

I believe the sacred is of a deeper fiber.

Something that can’t be measured in dollar signs or fall under some standard of success.

I find the sacred almost impossible to express in words.

But when it is present, I feel it.  Sometimes I can even see it.

The sacred doesn’t bring me a high or some ethereal bliss.  Instead it flows through me like rain or blood or oxygen.  It cleanses and purifies at its best.

The sacred was truly present in my six day IGNITE Immersion in Sedona with my beloved FEARLESS Painters.  The sacred surfaced when we each surrendered to the process.  When we leaned into the mystery and reached out to our own personal magic….the sacred was there.

This sacred is what I long to understand.  This sacred is what I desire to share with other women.  This sacred is what I wish to go deeper into and bring forth in my life–my relationships.

My intention was to offer another session of IGNITE starting this September–one that was more condensed–more affordable–more neat.  But I’ve decided instead to take a pause.  To allow the teachings from this current sacred experience to process and marinate before I set out on another journey.

This decision scares me a little, which confirms that it is the right decision.  It would be easier to just go through the motions and share the incredible content that already exists for IGNITE–but I would be denying the truth that at the core of IGNITE is something much more powerful than the lessons themselves.

It is the sacred.

I see that now.  I understand.

Now it is my responsibility to be the gardener of that sacred and patiently wait for the right time for it to bloom again.

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