Join Me For A Paint Chat On Thursday

Paint Chat With Connie

Hey Friends!

I was thinking it’s way past time that I hop on over to the Dirty Footprints Studio Facebook Page and organize a little Facebook Live jam.

Last week on Instagram I posted THIS UPDATE  on how I have the tendency to dance with multiple creative projects all at once and when I actually take the time to sit with everything for awhile, I realize things aren’t as disjointed as I sometimes feel like they are.  Things actually make a lot of sense.

So at the Paint Chat on Thursday I’m going to be sharing a peek at what I’ve been up to in the studio, plus throw out some tips and insights on how you too can start to pluck out the magical threads that weave your multiple bodies of work together.

And as usual, whenever I and the Dirty Footprints Studio community come together — it will be fun.

Plus maybe…just maybe I’ll do a little painting or a give away — I don’t know — you’ll have to join me on Thursday, May 24th at 10am PST to find out!

(CLICK HERE to see what time that is where you live!)

Also, if you can’t make it live, no worries!  The recording will be available shortly after for your viewing pleasure . I’ll share it here on the blog as well.

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