21 secrets Face Time Suggested Supply List

Below is a list of supplies each teacher is using in their workshop.

Please don't let this list intimidate or overwhelm you.

As always in 21 SECRETS, you are encouraged to create with what you have on hand.

Cathy Bueti :: Inky Expressions

White tissue paper
Stamps, a couple of your favorite
Black ink pad ( i prefer Staz-On brand)
Acrylic paint, Titanium White  (I use Folk Art brand)
Palette knife
Acrylic ink, Carbon Black (Liquitex)
Acrylic fluid paint, acrylic ink or GOLDEN high-flow, a couple of your favorite bright colors
Paint brushes
Water container with water
Spray bottle with water
Permanent pens for details and mark making, various fine-point, white paint pens, micron pens, and/or  Stabilo pencil
Watercolor paper, cold press 140lb

Corey Moortgat :: Prismatic Portraiture

Digital photo of person you’d like to paint
Smartphone and/or computer
Substrate (canvas, gesso-board, wood, thick watercolor paper—anything that will work with acrylic paints)
Acrylic paints (I will be using mostly GOLDEN Open acrylic paint, which dries slower than most acrylics. I highly recommend it if you are purchasing paint for the class)
Paintbrushes, a variety including some detail ones
Paper plate or other palette
Paper towels
Water cup


Acrylic retarder or slow-drying medium
Transfer paper/graphite paper

Cristin Chambers :: Double Vision

Matte Medium
Acrylic paints (I like to use Fluid and High Flow acrylics)
Palette knife
Texture paste
Stencils of choice
Uniball Signo UM-153 or other white pen

Connie Solera :: Emerging Faces

Tombow Dual Brush Pens in Grayscale Palette
Small watercolor/acrylic paintbrush
Sketchbook or art journal (I prefer the Canson Mixed Media)

Deanna Strachan-Wilson :: Resilient Reflections

Mixed-media paper, art journal or other substrate
Reference photo provided or photo of yourself
Graphite pencil
Stabilo All pencil, black
White gesso
Mod Podge or other acrylic gel medium
Collage papers or your own written journal pages
Watercolors (I have a cheap $5 set from Michaels)
Neocolors II: red, black, white, teal, ochre
Black India ink
Variety of brushes, sizes you like to work with

DeAnne Olguin Williamson :: Expressions of Truth

Matte medium (I use Liquitex)
Fluid acrylics (various colors)
Paper towels
Papers for collage (interesting patterns)
Faber Castell Graphite Aquarelle (water-soluble pencil)
Oil pastels
Art journal or mixed-media paper

Denise Daffara :: In Your Eyes - A Space for Grace

Camera phone
Acrylic paint: black and white
Paintbrushes, a few small to medium
Gel medium
Matte medium
Open medium (optional)
Black pigment pen
Gel pen


Other black and white drawing items if you have or prefer using them (such as pastels, watercolor pencils or NeoColor II crayons)

Fonda Clark Haight :: Mostly True

Caran D’ache Neocolors II
Acrylic paints, assorted
Stabilo All pencil
Gel Pens/Sharpies/pencils
Signo white gel pen
Newsprint (Canson Biggie Newsprint Pad 18x24)
Small round paper fasteners
Clear Gesso
Matte Medium/ or Mod Podge


Waterproof India ink
Water brushes
Wax Deli Paper

Holly Nowak :: Gather: A Creative Immersion Into Flora, Fauna & Faces

Canvas (I will be using a 20” x 20”[51cm x 51cm] wood canvas)
Artists can choose to work on any size Canvas or surface they prefer.  I will discuss their options with them and explain my choice of canvas.
Gum eraser
Putty Knives (2” and 3” [5cm and 7cm] preferably)
White Gesso (I use Liquitex.)
Matte Medium (I use Liquitex.)
LIGHT Modeling Paste (I use Liquitex or DAP Fast’nFinal Lightweight Spackling.)
Artist Loft Watercolors ($5 at my Michaels Stores)
Paintbrushes, various sizes
Acrylic paint, assorted colors
Krylon Matte Finish Spray
Generals Kimberly Watercolor pencil 715 black
Craft papers and handmade papers
Stencils (I will be using a Heidi Swapp Honeycomb Stencil and some additional stencils I have on hand. Use what you have, but a honeycomb stencil will be helpful in when creating this piece.)
Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment Brilliant Gold


Hot air gun
Carbon paper
Turner Acryl Gouache
Tracing Paper
Reference photos

Jenny Grant :: The Eyes of the Soul

Mixed-media or multi-technique paper, at least size A3 (Tabloid or Ledger) and minimum 180g/m2
Scraps of papers (to use in collage) from personal collections, old magazines, scrapbook paper, photos, letters, old books etc.
Acrylic matte medium to use as glue (I use Liquitex)
Acrylic paints, fluid if possible, colors you love (I use GOLDEN Fluid but any acrylic paint will do.)
Acrylic inks (such as FW Artists by Daler-Rowney or Liquitex), a couple colors you like
Paintbrushes, a couple of different sizes from very thin to wide and flat
Hard tool to move paint (such as a palette knife or old credit card)
Stamps, skewers and other mark making tools
Pencil and/or charcoal for sketching (I love a black Stabilo All, by Aquarellable)
Water spray bottle

Jordan Hill :: Fragments of Self - A Journey of Self

Acrylic paint
Ink (pens or bottles)
Water-soluble graphite pencil
Paper ephemera
Stamps (mostly background)
Oil pastels (water-soluble and regular)

Karen Campbell :: The Fickle Fairy

Spray paints, assortment of colors, any brand is fine!
Stencils (larger-scale if possible)
Stretched canvas or Canvas board/panel or Art Journal

White Gesso (highlights)

Acrylic paints:
for the skin (I used Fleshtone by Ceramcoat)
for eyes (I used Manganese Blue Hue, heavy body by Liquitex)
Fluorescent Pink (I used Liquitex Concentrated)
Pink – Stabilo Woody Pencil (any watercolor or colored pencil is fine)

Peach – Gelatos by Faber-Castell
Guava - Gelatos by Faber-Castell
Metallic Melon - Gelatos by Faber-Castell
White - Gelatos by Faber-Castell
Rusty Hinge – Distress Crayon by Tim Holtz

Brush pens:
Black - PITT artist big brush pen (for outlines/lashes)
White - PITT artist big brush pen (for highlights)
Cold Grey III - PITT artist big brush pen (for shading white of eyes)
Light Flesh - PITT artist big brush pen
Phthalo Blue - PITT artist big brush pen (to match blue of eyes)
Pink Carmine - PITT artist big brush pen (red for hair & lips)
Cinnamon - PITT artist big brush pen

Acrylic paint pens:
White – Posca Pen
Black – Posca Pen
Matte Mod Podge (sealant)
Americana Acrylic Spray Varnish (optional)

Kylie Fowler :: The Colors Within

Substrate (canvas, art journal or paper—preferably 300gsm)
Acrylic paint (or watercolors), assorted colors
Paintbrushes (various sizes)
Graphite pencil
Transfer paper, tracing paper or vellum
Selfie or reference photo printed out


Waterproof pens or markers, black and white
Colored pencils
Your favorite mixed-media tools

Lora Murphy :: Creating with Your Wild-Woman Soul

Encaustic paint, Lora Murphy set by Enkaustikos (encausticpaints.com)
Hake brushes, long-handled
Drawing ink, NON-acrylic (I use Tom Norton Walnut, but India ink works, too)
Hot palette (I like Andrew James, available on Amazon)
Heat gun or blow torch
Substrates, preferably at least 12” x 14” (30cm x 36cm), plain birth panel, encausticbord or sheet of Awagami Bamboo Editioning paper


Be sure to work in a space with adequate ventilation

Mariëlle Stolp :: Three Sisters

Watercolor or mixed-media paper
Graphite pencil, ruler, eraser
Black and brown waterproof fine-liners
Watersoluble crayons (or watercolors)
Watercolor brushes and/or waterbrushes in various sizes
Cup for clean water
Paper towel or piece of cloth to wipe your brush
Stamps, stencils, doilies
Stamping ink, colors of your choice
Blending tool or makeup sponge
White paint marker

Melanie Rivers :: Her Really Big Adventure

Book pages and patterned paper
Acrylic matte gel medium
Acrylic paints, assorted colors
Acrylic inks, assorted colors
Light molding paste
Golden Open Acrylic paints: Titanium White, Paynes Grey, Titan Buff, Red Oxide, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber
Palette paper
Assorted brushes: Princeton Select Filbert (sizes 10, 8, 6, 4, 5/0)
Assorted brushes, flat
Palette knife
Pencil, kneaded eraser, pencil sharpener

Nicole Austin :: Say Yes to the Mess

Art journal, with mixed-media weight paper (I prefer a 9” x 12” [23cm x 31cm] or larger Canson or Strathmore.)
Stabilo All pencil, black
Shiva Oil Paintstiks (Yellow Ochre, Titanium White, Alizirin Crimson or any red)
Paper scraps (vintage and/or paper, patterned tissue paper or printed napkins)
Oil pastels
Spray inks (my faves are Mister Huey’s and Dylusions)
Paint pens (bold tip Sharpie and/or 15mm Liquitex marker—any color(s) but my favorites are black, white, red, bright aqua green and fluorescent pink)
Baby wipes
Optional (but nice to have):
Rubbing plates (or texture plates)
Silicon trivets (or unmounted rubber stamps)
Various found objects for mark making
Foam stamps
Geli plate and brayer
Acrylic ink
Acrylic paint

Noel Rivera :: Creative Portraits

Drawing pencil (colored or graphite--I will demo with a Prismacolor Verithin Magenta and a graphite pencil)
Eraser (Pentel click eraser, Moo eraser or Pentel Hi-Polymer block eraser)
Kneaded eraser
Fineliner pens in .005, .01, and .03 (Micron, Tombow, Molotov, PrismaColor, Copic)
Black brush pen (Pentel Pocket Brush, Pentel Art Brush Pen, Pilot Pocket Brush Pen soft, or Kuretake Bimoji Brush Pen bristles)
Paper (art journal paper as desired; I recommend watercolor paper, either hot press or cold press)
Watercolor brushes, round nos. 2, 4, 6
Watercolor paints (artists preference. I will be using Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton)
Colored pencils (artist preference. I use PrismaColor Premier).
White pen (Sakura Gelly Roll 0.8/med)


Extra-fine fountain pen with black ink (Platinum desk pen or Pilot Kakuno in extra fine)
Decorative pens: Markers, metallic pens, gouache, Sakura pens, paint pens, etc.

Staci Swider :: Beauty within the Beast

Substrate (I will be using 16”x16” [41cm x 41cm] cradled birch panel, gessoed.)
Chip brush, 2” (5cm)
1” (3cm) flat brush or other brush with which you are comfortable
White gel pen
Black china marker (also known as a grease pencil)
Paint pens or markers, ass’t colors
GOLDEN Acrylic paints, ass’t colors

Sylwia Gryczuk :: In a Magical World of Fairies

Old book (journal)
Acrylic paints (your favorite colors)
Watercolor paints
Watercolor paper
Scraps of scrapbooking paper


Favorite stamps and stencils, alcohol inks
Fineline 20 gauge applicator bottle

Willow Paule :: Evaluating the SELF-ie

Tissue paper scraps, any colors
Watercolor paints
Matte gel medium
Watercolor brushes (various/any size)
Thicker bristle brush to spread matte medium
Watercolor paper (I'll be experimenting with two weights)
Transparency sheets  (the printable kind for overhead projectors in the past)


Colored pens