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There is nothing more gripping than to see another human face in a piece of art...

Add a slight turn of the mouth, tilt of the eyes, or soft slant of the face to one side. Artists can express deep emotions and craft a powerful message through very little effort.

So it only makes sense that as artists, we often look to the creation of a face to speak for us, what we are feeling and long to have “heard” by another.

21 SECRETS Face Time features twenty-one art instructors who have unlocked the mysteries behind creating beautifully-expressive faces. You will learn traditional basics alongside sometimes-unorthodox mixed-media techniques for completing faces, even if you’ve been intimidated by drawing a face in the past.

21 SECRETS Face Time is no longer for sale.


Here’s what you’ll receive in 21 SECRETS Face Time:

  • A downloadable 200+ page eBook that contains 21 mixed-media lessons packed with 25+ hours of videos, full color photos, templates, and clear instructional content that is yours to keep.
  • Unlimited access to all lessons at once! You pick and choose which ones you do and when. There is no time limit or deadlines to meet so you will never feel like you’re falling behind!
  • Membership to the private 21 SECRETS Face Time Facebook community where you can share, be inspired, and receive warm, supportive feedback.
  • The opportunity to learn a variety of mixed-media techniques and approaches from the comfort of your home/studio. Belong to a supportive online artist community that has been growing strong since 2010! At 21 SECRETS we celebrate everyone’s unique expression and support artists in becoming confident and courageous while creating from the heart!

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Here are the 21 exciting lessons in 21 secrets face time

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Inky Expressions

with Cathy Bueti

Are you fascinated by faces? Me, too! There is something exciting about watching a face appear on the page from your own mind. Who are they and what is their story? In this lesson, we will be intuitively creating an abstract face. We will let go of perfection and what we think a face should look like, so that we may reveal emotion, leaving little bits of ourselves on the page. I will show you how to create a fun textured background; use an ink dropper tip to loosely scribble out a face and add expressive details to create a face that is a reflection of you.


Prismatic Portraiture

with Corey Moortgat

Have a blast with color in this creative portraiture class! Using acrylic paints and inspiration from free photo-editing software, portrait artist Corey Moortgat will help you transform standard photos into fun, colorful, completely original works of art!


Double Vision

with Cristin Chambers

I love to incorporate expressive eyes into my artwork and in this lesson, we will be creating an imaginative portrait while exploring mixed-media techniques and building layers with intuitive play. As William Shakespeare once said, “Eyes are the window to the soul.” And I agree!


Emerging Faces

with Connie Solera

All the cells in my body began to sizzle with delight the first time I used a Tombow Dual Brush Pen. It wasn’t so much the use of the marker itself that caused my glee, but the water-soluble properties of ink.

Years later, I still get goosebumps watching lines dissolve into washes with the stroke of a wet brush. And, I probably should mention that out of all the amazing colors Tombows come in, I stay loyal and true to the grey-scale kit.

In Emerging Faces, I combine my obsession with Tombows and my love of drawing faces into one juicy lesson!


Resilient Reflections

with Deanna Strachan-Wilson

Using your art journal, explore a variety of mixed-media tools and techniques to practice creating portraits; creating what YOUR eye sees as YOU see it, not necessarily as the world sees it. I will share my method of incorporating words, phrases and written journaling with layers of paint, collage, line work and anything else that tickles the fancy to help you reveal your own Resilient Reflection.


Expressions of Truth

with DeAnne Olguin Williamson

This lesson is about learning to express emotion through depths of layered paint and collage. We will start abstractly, working with cut paper and paint, and then tighten up a portion of our work to portray a woman’s face. We will tie it all together with a combination of layer upon layer of abstract painting and collage. It will be about the relationship between figurative painting and abstract.


In Your Eyes – A Space for Grace

with Denise Daffara

At times we are all faced with a trauma or other life experience that asks us to pause for a moment as an act of self-love and healing. This lesson encourages you to take a range of ‘selfies’ showing your emotions or feelings around the topic you’re experiencing. I will have you print out one that you would like to connect with a bit more and then, I will guide you through a process of painting her and encourage a dialogue with the image to see what arises.


Mostly True

with Fonda Clark Haight

In this lesson, we will focus more on process than on an end result. When you draw that beautiful face, landscape, or animal, and you look at it and think something is missing, what’s missing is you. Your feelings, your truth in the moment, your experience as a human being . . . these are the things that help you create a style, a call to the viewer, a healing experience. This is a process about learning to be truthful. About answering the question: What was my truth today?


Gather – A Creative Immersion into Flora, Fauna & Faces

with Holly Nowak

Inspired by the flora, fauna and faces around us, we will immerse ourselves into a whimsical mixed-media piece. We will explore the tools, materials and inspiration needed, as well as, how to build layers of texture and color to create the most fabulous Queen Bee!


The Eyes of the Soul

with Jenny Grant

Trying to create a face with a specific feeling or expression can feel challenging, especially when we try to fix “problems” we’ve created, that then end up looking angry or deformed, bringing up negative feeling within ourselves. In this lesson, I will share with you a couple of tricks for creating faces that don’t lead us into this trap. By focusing on the eyes, we will let them speak to us throughout the process, leading to more encouragement for painting faces.


Fragments of Self – A Journey in Faces

with Jordan Hill

In this lesson, we will be looking at how you might already be expressing yourself, and then we’re going to dig a bit deeper into how you can make it more intentional. We will also be working with a variety of different supplies in a loose, intuitive fashion, in an attempt to determine which supplies are most indicative of our own creative processes, as we create an art journal spread together!


The Fickle Fairy

with Karen Campbell

In this magical lesson, I will show you how to create an expressive and GORGEOUS fairy from a myriad of mixed-media materials!


The Colors Within

with Kylie Fowler

After we briefly explore color-theory basics, we’ll create playful painted backgrounds and then I’ll share my process for creating fun mixed media self-portraits.


Creating with Your Wild-Woman Soul

with Lora Murphy

A deliciously wild-and-juicy encaustic adventure where you will paint a self-portrait that expresses YOU as you really feel inside. You will be amazed at what you can do with the step-by-step process I’ll guide you through, and the speed at which the paint dries means that you can work in a very intuitive way.


Three Sisters

with Mariëlle Stolp

In this lesson, we will draw and paint three cute, whimsical sisters and will explore the idea of family and heritage by incorporating patterns and embellishments that remind you of your ancestors. I will instruct you in process for creating whimsical faces (with those cute, colorful cheeks!), lovely lace patterns and the perfect finishing touches.


Her Really Big Adventures

with Melanie Rivers

Through playful, free-flow writing, I will lead you through telling a story about a young girl who goes on a really, big adventure. This story will be written on the under layer and only pieces of it will show through on the final journal page. We will then cover over her story with collage, paint and texture, adding history to the piece. Next, I will lead you through painting and shading her face, bringing her alive, and transporting parts of her story to the top layer.


Say Yes to the Mess

with Nicole Austin

Our lives and our stories are often complicated and messy. We often shy away from mess—be it making messes or embracing the mess. In this lesson, I’ll show you how to say YES to your mess and embrace every bit of the creative process. I’ll share with you my process for creating faces, beginning by building multiple layers with a variety of media, with the option of writing little messages, words of encouragement or just scribbles to get started. Slowly, the portrait starts to take shape and begins to tell a unique story. By giving ourselves the freedom to explore, make a mess and embrace the process, we’ll go from putting it all out on the journal page to carving out what layers we want to keep in our final portrait.


Creative Portraits

with Noel Rivera

Using pencil, watercolor and ink, we will discover creative ways to draw expressive faces. Stylistic exaggeration will be explored along with “unrealistic” color choices to achieve a feeling in our portraits rather than realism.


Beauty within the Beast

with Staci Swider

In this lesson I will teach you the advantage of using high contrast to create dynamic portrait compositions by building layers over a black and white underpainting. This dark and light ground will become the lights and shadows of our figures. Color will finish the layers leading to a stylized facial likeness.


In a Magical World of Fairies

with Sylwia Gryczuk (TandiArt)

In this lesson, we will combine watercolors with acrylic to create a whimsical portrait of a fairy girl in her enchanted magical garden! We will learn how to build a detailed background and how to paint a magical face using different mediums.


Evaluating the SELF-ie

with Willow Paule

Anybody can take a selfie; a quick press of a button and BAM! you’ve got a photo. Often, though, it’s not a very interesting one. However, with intention, a selfie can become a self-portrait, grounding a person in time and space and telling us about their emotions.

In this lesson, we’ll be creating intentional self-portraits with just a cell phone and then, using a fun process, transferring the resulting photos into our journals. We’ll also use watercolor and tissue paper to create a layered look, much like our inner landscapes, which aren’t simple but are more nuanced and complex.

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