21 SECRETS Face Time Teacher Bios



Below are the bios of the talented teachers in 21 SECRETS Face Time


Cathy Bueti

Cathy Bueti is a mixed-media and digital artist who discovered art later in life. She quickly felt the healing aspect of art and knew she was hooked. Mixed media allowed her to explore a more abstract approach to faces as well as landscape another of her loves. Digital art allowed her to combine her faces with various texture and landscape images as yet another way to express her creativity. Cathy has contributed technique articles to various Stampington publications including Somerset Apprentice and Somerset Digital Studio. As a lover of hearts, whimsy, and even grunge she longs to create work that evokes emotion in the viewer.



Corey Moortgat

Corey Moortgat is a life-long artist who’s delved into a variety of different art mediums through the years. From paints and pencils to mixed-media and photography, she’s done it all. Most recently, she’s fallen back in love with good, old-fashioned acrylic paints, and currently does commissioned portraits for clients across the country. Although she excels at realism, she loves to mix things up with fun and funky colors whenever she can!



Cristin Chambers

Cristin Chambers (also known as, ‘PanArt’) is a professional mixed media and visionary artist and teacher based in Kansas City, Missouri.

As well as showing artwork locally, she also teaches art techniques and art journaling online in collaborative and solo art courses with artists from all around the world.

PanArt considers herself to be a heArtist because she paints from the heart and infuses emotion into all of her artwork. She loves to use rich color, texture, storytelling, experimentation and values the art of letting go and embracing art rebellion.



Connie Solera

I create art, teach, travel, and write in order to inspire every woman to pick up a paintbrush, let go of her fears, and sink into the artist her heart is calling her to be.



Deanna Strachan-Wilson

My name is Deanna Strachan-Wilson (pronounced “Strawn”) and I have been creating in one way or another for most of my life. It is just in the past 5 years that creating visual art has become a meaningful way for me to explore my feelings and emotions when I can’t find the words. Creating allows me to stay in touch with my heartspace and get out of my headspace. I paint mostly faces and figures and, like the layers of our lives, my creations are layered with various mediums, collage, hidden words and secrets that only I know. I have had the opportunity to share my process in both online and in-person classes and believe in developing a community of other creatives where we can share our stories together in a trusted space.



DeAnne Olguin Williamson

DeAnne Olguin Williamson is a mixed media artist living in Northern California. She grew up in the Mojave Desert town of Barstow, California and received her BA in Art from San Diego State University. She’s moved around the country quite a bit and now lives in Petaluma, California with her husband and two children. She focuses on mixed media art and also teaches art journaling workshops.



Denise Daffara

Denise is an artist, soulful seeker, wild wonderer, deep listener, sacred space holder, Creativitea-Time inspirer, an intentional creativity guide and certified Color of Woman teacher. Her passion is to connect with others in ways that leave both feeling nurtured, energized, validated, and liberated.

One way she does this is by encouraging Creativitea Time: a space and practice where playfulness, courage and creativity meet radical self-acceptance for tea. She has found art journaling, intentional creativity and painting to be self-healing and extremely helpful for her in her personal quest—especially through times of grief, depression and awakenings. Denise loves to uplift and support others by sharing her experiences and discoveries, and to inspire others to creatively express and lovingly nurture themselves.



Fonda Clark Haight

Fonda Clark Haight is a mixed media, intuitive artist living in the mountains of NC. Looking past the obvious, close observation and engagement of my truth is the process. The challenge is to see beyond the distractions of the conspicuous to engage with my feelings deep in the subconscious. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual places, and to question the truth in themselves.



Holly Nowak

Holly Nowak is a 4th generation Texan currently living and creating in her home studio as well as her studio in Houston’s Historic Arts District. Holly describes her work as representational with easily identifiable characters with a touch of whimsy. The sense of peace she feels in nature is evident in her quiet yet bold compositions. Holly teaches art to children and adults and has carefully curated her spaces into a creative sanctuary. Her home studio is surrounded by lush gardens and a variety of animal life, including her beloved chickens. She is passionate about sharing her love of creating art with others and the inspiration this space brings her. Holly’s work has been widely recognized throughout the state of Texas and beyond. You will often find Holly hosting events and showing her art from her studio located in Downtown Houston’s Winter Street Studios which is home to one of the largest creative communities in the country.



Jenny Grant

I am a Mixed Media Artist living in Stockholm, Sweden. I am on a mission to inspire people to be brave, to use their creativity and to do more of what they love.

I paint in many layers and create my art based on an interesting process where my imagery emerges while painting. I work with mixed media – acrylic paint, wax, ink, oil pastels, color pencils, fabrics, paper, photos… anything that comes my way.

My work is very rich with many layers that add depth and texture to my work. There are no limits, nothing is wrong and there are no mistakes. The process is the fun! My paintings evolve as I paint and I have no plan and no goal. It is my inner voice, my inner guide or wizard that guides me. With layers on layer I create depth, texture and details. People often find my art very peaceful even though it is colorful and full of energy.

I exhibit and sell my art and run both in-person workshops around the world and on-line workshops, both painting on canvas and creating art journals.



Jordan Hill

If there is any word that encompasses most accurately what I do, it would have to be ‘storyteller’. Whether it be my art journals, illustration work, short fiction, or full-length novels, my intention is always to tell a story.

I have been creating in this way for as far back as I can remember; I actually still have stories I wrote and illustrated when I was six years old! In recent years, I have made a more active effort to make a career out of doing what I love through selling my art online and helping others along their own creative paths. This particular aspect takes on many forms, including classes, YouTube videos, and an Etsy supply shop.



Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell is a New England native and currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, three boys and two cats. She is a full-time mixed media artist and is the Founder of AwesomeArtSchool.com.

Karen has also authored 5 books including the popular, “How to Draw Fun Fab Faces” series, “For the Colorful Teacher” (co-author/illustrator and soon-to-be-series), and her latest book, “Mixed Media Magic” (all available on Amazon). She started teaching both children and adults (privately as well as big art party bashes) in 2011 and switched to becoming a full time online educator in 2016. Her primary goal is to make art accessible to ANYONE with an interest with a primary focus of pure, unadulterated FUN!!! She also believes in fairies (for obvious reasons).



Kylie Fowler

I am a mixed-media portrait artist, currently based in the coastal town of Warrnambool, Australia, who loves to help others find their creative spark. Beautiful female faces are the main feature in my work and I love to create soulful eyes that capture your attention. Mostly I love to create artwork that makes you smile.

My aim is to show you how easy it is to draw, by encouraging you to play (like we did as children), to make a mess, to embrace mistakes and work through them. It is through our mistakes that we learn; it is through not giving up that we achieve and build confidence; and it’s through this confidence that we enter The Blissful Zone, otherwise none as “The happy place.”



Lora Murphy

Hi, my name is Lora Murphy. I am an artist and teacher, and I am totally passionate about Art, travel and life. I firmly believe the act of creating can deeply enrich our lives, and I know that Art can empower us and help us find and heal those dark places that challenge us. I love teaching others how to work with encaustic mediums and to truly enjoy the painting process.



Mariëlle Stolp

Hi there! My name is Mariëlle Stolp. I live in the Netherlands with my daughters, my amazingly supportive husband and two naughty cats that are always trying to steal my supplies and ruin my attempts at filming tutorials. If weather permits, I love to take a walk on the nearby beach and collect seashells with my youngest. And if not, I am more than happy to stay in and fill my journals with dreamy, boho-style or fairy-tale girls. I am the oldest of three sisters and as a young girl, my grandmother taught me how to knit, crochet and sew. And now that I am a mother of three beautiful daughters myself, I am teaching them and I love to teach you new things as well!



Melanie Rivers

I am an Indigenous mixed-media artist who teaches online art classes to women around the world. I help women build a joyful and self-compassionate art practice.

Creating art brings me into the present moment, into stillness. In this space, I am not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. In stillness, I find myself. I find peace, clarity and connection with my real emotions.

I am from the Squamish First Nation in Vancouver, Canada. I live in my community with my wonderful husband of eighteen years (and our sweet cat) and I draw from my traditional ancestry and teachings in my art practice.

In my art, I depict the strength, realness and vulnerability of women. Art has many medicines to share with us—stillness, joy, connection—and by building a self-compassionate art practice, we can experience these medicines on a regular basis



Nicole Austin

I am a mixed-media artist, designer and instructor from San Jose, CA (currently living in Tempe, AZ). I believe that everyone has a unique style and desire to create and that we are born curious and creative. Over the years, many of us are discouraged from following our creative urges but I believe it is never too late to begin (or begin again!). My art is messy, colorful, layered and fun. I have been drawn to the creative arts for as long as I can remember. My first canvas was every surface in my grandma’s house: the walls, the books, underneath the marble coffee table in the dining room (she didn’t find out until years later)! These days, I love filling up pages in my art journal with bright colors and collage paper and if I can be outside on a picnic blanket in the grass, even better! I love inspiring others and cheering them on as they (re)discover their creative voice.



Noel Rivera

Noel Rivera is an artist, writer, and editor, and the managing content director for North Light and IMPACT Books. Art and writing have been her lifelong creative pursuits, and her interest in drawing people and creating stories led her to pursue a degree in animation and media arts. She believes that every artist should follow the path that brings meaning to their lives, and that they should never feel the need to apologize for the things they most love to create.



Staci Swider

Producing exceptional fine art inspired by craft, Aiken, SC painter Staci Swider’s work reinterprets the patterns and textures found in function-driven objects such as quilts and baskets as dreamscape imagery that straddles the line between figurative and abstract. She is a certified GOLDEN Artist Educator with 20+ years’ experience facilitating creativity in her students. Her visual history includes stints as both a corporate and freelance textile designer, professional painter, and author. Her work has been exhibited at the Morris Museum of Art as well as many galleries across the Southeast. Her book, Acrylic Expressions, and four instructional painting videos published by North Light Books are available at major retailers and online.



Sylwia Gryczuk

My name is Sylwia Gryczuk (TandiArt) and I am a self-taught artist, originally from Poland but currently live and create in the small village of Moylough in evergreen Ireland. My creative journey started in 2012, when I created TandiArt studio (one of my rooms converted into art space). In this little studio of mine, I pour my whole heart onto white canvas and pages to transform them into something happy and soulful:). I am very passionate about different mixed-media projects such as watercolor illustrations, mixed-media paintings, art journaling and home decoration. I am in love with things with wings and magical creatures such as fairies and unicorns. I find inspiration in children’s stories, their drawings and old fairy tales. When I create, my child within takes over and plays with color, texture and mark. I believe that every each of us has a hidden creative and innocent child within; sometimes we just need to take time to look for her and not to afraid to let her take over.



Willow Paule

Willow Paule is a documentary photographer, educator and blogger. As an introvert, Willow uses photography as a tool to connect and explore her curiosity about other people. Her photographs tell the intimate stories of everyday people and their extraordinary lives.

Willow leads photography and visual storytelling courses, and teaches her students how to create intentional photographic work, while following their natural curiosity to explore through the medium.

Willow’s blog is home to monthly interviews with insightful creative people, which include practical tips and insights into their workflow and artistic practices. She also writes about creative risk-taking, in order to inspire her readers to broaden their horizons and make more compelling photo stories.

Willow offers a free course called Create A Compelling Photo Story In One Week. You can sign up for the course on her website.