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I Visited Grey For A Long Weekend

Feb 9, 2015

Chartreuse green.  I used to be obsessed with it. In my early twenties I painted a whole room full of canvases in shades of it. I wanted to live in it.  Roll around in it.  Inject my veins with it even. But I was much younger than. Now-a-days its grey.  For years its been my sole devotion. Altars, diaries, long drawn out stories.  Late night paintings.  Even my maternity clothes. Grey is my religion, my solace, my bff, my maiden name. // Recently I visited grey for a long weekend.  It resides at Harstine Island in Washington where it skips…


Flowing Through & Out

Oct 6, 2014

We celebrated the Autumn Equinox at the end of last month in Sedona (of course). I created an intuitive earth mandala that transformed into something else. Is this a sacred symbol?  a tourist asked me as he stood behind me watching. Naw, just a bunch of rocks.  I said and then looked at him with a wink. The next morning, in my studio, the symbol arrived again. Don’t you just love how art has a way of flowing through us — like a breath or a fairy tale.


Earth Mandala

Aug 14, 2014

Phoenix and I created another Earth Mandala just recently. (You can see our last one HERE.) Phoenix is in charge of collecting all the materials, and Mom does much of the organizing! (He helps some!) But what’s really special about this Earth Mandala is that all of the elements came from our tiny little postage stamp of land that we lovingly call our “back yard”.  Not only did this art making help heighten Phoenix’s own senses and help cultivate an appreciation for the Earth, but it did mine as well. I was so fascinated to discover the different leaves we…


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