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Lots Of Changes Are A Happening!

Feb 1, 2016

This weekend I sat down with my studio log and looked back at January with a curious heart. I can’t believe it’s only been a month. So much has happened. So much clarity. So much joy.   So much excitement for a new direction that I’m moving in. A big part of me wants to shout it out loudly.  While a more tender part wishes to keep it safe, protected, and privately tucked inside the pages of my studio log. This is the dilemma of being an artist, I guess. Always sewing the need to process with the desire to share. The painting in this blog…



Jan 16, 2016

A week ago today I woke up in the painting suite.  It was the start of my third day of my own personal painting retreat and I began it by writing leisurely in my studio log. Trust the whispers. Marry your curiosity. Believe the brush. Wait. Listen. Paint. Repeat. It’n not a color.  It’s energy. That’s all I wrote. When I type it out so orderly it feels like poetry, and my heart settles back into my rib cage just a bit. Now I’m back at home, still writing in my Studio Log but not spending my days saturated in FEARLESS® Painting.…


She Gave Herself Permission To Drown

Jan 8, 2016

When I turned 20 my friends and I flashed our fake ID’s and spent the entire night dancing on bar stools and drinking ourselves into oblivion. That pretty much set the stage for the unraveling of the decade to come.  At 30, Hansel and I sold all our belongings and drove across the US of A landing in Arizona where we still live happily today with our greatest surprise ever: our son Phoenix. So before I turned 40 on December 28th, I started asking myself how do I want to welcome in this new decade?  What intentions do I want to plant? How…


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