Painting the Feminine Fall Student Show 2019

Welcome To The Painting The Feminine Student Show!

I absolutely love spending four weeks in a virtual circle of women as we paint, share and deep-dive into our intuitive narratives. It never fails; each Painting-the-Feminine session comes with its own special magic, based on the unique blend of amazing women who show up. What unfolds during our time together enriches and directly influences who I, myself, am as an artist. It is always a great honor to host this eCourse.

Because the work we do in Painting the Feminine is intimate, vulnerable and an extension of one's Soul, the Student Show is an invitation and never a requirement. The beautiful paintings and statements you see below, demonstrate each artist's personal experience, interpretation and definition of what Painting the Feminine means to them.


Together we are brave. Together we are wise. Together we are Painting the Feminine.

Abigail Schischa3
Abigail Schischa1
Abigail Schischa2

Abigail Schischa

This is the fifth time I’ve been honored to take part in Painting the Feminine. And once again, it has astonished me beyond words with its capability to expand my mind, heart and soul. At no time, has it ever felt like “the same old same old” to me when working through Painting the Feminine. Instead, each time has felt like a continuation on my life-long journey of healing and (re)discovering myself and my soul. Both Connie and the circle of wonderful, wise women who have also traveled the Painting-the-Feminine journey, create such a sacred, safe space. Love and healing energy flows easily during the course, and its effects can be felt for a long time afterward, too.

My art pieces here reflect more transitions in my life; there is grief, yet hope, explored and released here. I have always felt the loving, protective energy of some divine forces surrounding me when making my intuitive art, and perhaps you who see it can feel that, too. Thank you Connie, simply, thank you.

Beth Di Nicola1
Beth Di Nicola2
Beth Di Nicola3

Beth Di Nicola

This fall was my fifth season of Painting the Feminine (PTF) and it was entirely different from any of the prior seasons. As neither a participant, nor a painter was I as active this time, due to other priorities in my life. And yet, the personal transformation that I experienced this season was profound.

This season I returned to my "red story" and my "blue story,” and I painted primarily in watercolor and in a small format. My “red story” is typically made up of strong vertical lines in vibrant warm colors—almost like lightening bolts. In contrast, my “blue story” is more flowing and horizontal, with cool colors, often taking the form of seascapes.

However, during this season of PTF, my “red story” shifted. It morphed from a strong, vibrant, sharp, high-energy story to something closer to my “blue story;” more flowing, calmer and with horizontal rather than vertical lines. I had created a "new red story,” one which was more integrated, more grounded and more empowering. My direction literally shifted before my eyes or should I say through my PTF brush.

I am deeply grateful for yet another season to paint with Connie and this fantastic group of soulful and supportive PTF sisters from around the world. Love to all.

Heather Guidry1
Heather Guidry3
Heather Guidry2

Heather Guidry

Little surprises always pop up for me in this Painting the Feminine class. This time around (Fall 2019), I discovered four things:

1) The way that I grew while meeting myself on the page every day. I had had a really sad day, and I was able to just let the sadness flow through the process of painting. I felt much better expressing myself after getting it all on the page!

2) Art is my ray of sunshine! Everyone says I am their ray of sunshine. Well, art is mine. I feel all warm and new—like spring waiting to sprout—when I paint. What will grow? A new face? Perhaps an Indian guide will show me the way through all seasons, with our time together ending, just like we say goodbye to the leaves in the fall.

3) How I need not ever look back. I tend to dwell on the past too much. Art has helped me release that need. I can release the junky junk on a page. Sometimes even my feelings of never looking back show up on the page, just like the girl here on this canvas!

4) The feeling of accomplishment is huge! This is a four week course, and I have done this five times! Every single time, I get closer and closer to finishing with the entire group ON TIME! From my first time to now, I have learned so much! I love how we all close together and have a chance to show off our work! I am thankful Connie gives us that push and nudge to put ourselves out there. It has really helped me in the daily ritual of my art routine. I don’t know what I would do in the fall and spring without Painting the Feminine!

Jane Horner1
Jane Horner2
Jane Horner3

Jane Horner

Each time I participate in Painting the Feminine, it feels like another facet of my creative expression comes to light. During this session, I felt a deep connection to spirit emerging. Each piece I created felt like an exploration of divine energy and helped me work through a challenging emotional time. Within the cocoon of the Painting the Feminine, I felt safe to express my feelings and was warmly embraced by this beautiful community of women.

Joyce van der Lely3
Joyce van der Lely2
Joyce van der Lely1

Joyce van der Lely

I came across Connie’s announcement for Painting the Feminine Fall 2019 when I found myself—again—heavily into my masculine energy; tired and close to feeling burnt out. This seems to happen to me in waves, but I am so glad to recognize it quickly now. A little voice inside me said YES—this is what I need! So, I didn’t think twice and just signed up. I believe it was my subconscious feminine energy calling out; allowing someone else to hold space for me; seeing what was needed and deciding intuitively on the spur of the moment. I love Connie for creating this and I love the genuine support of the group! Additionally, the audio prompts were wonderful! They encouraged and re-awakened the feminine within me again, and the group felt warm and safe. I love this course! Thank you, Connie and fellow, fierce, like-(he)arted women.

Julie Lubbers2
Julie Lubbers3
Julie Lubbers1

Julie Lubbers

Painting the Feminine has encouraged me to pick up a paintbrush and let go of the fear of not being a “good enough” painter to even paint! This was all about listening to my inner guidance and trusting the process. It was about being willing to make a mess and see that something beautiful could come out of it. It was about starting when I had no clear idea of where I were headed and just keep taking the next steps. I came out of this session with a stronger trust in my own intuition and a deeper commitment to follow it more closely.

Kristie Clark3
Kristie Clark2
Kristie Clark1

Kristie Clark

Because of Painting the Feminine, I have gained the confidence to paint freely from the heart and without judgement. Due to unexpected events and a busy, busy life, I had stopped painting and creating for about a year; I felt like a piece of me was missing.

Through the Painting The Feminine experience, I have fallen in love again with mixing mediums and allowing things to unfold without trying to control the process or the outcome. I’m learning to be okay with junky junk and paintings that aren’t pretty or don’t make sense, and realizing they sometimes need to surface as part of my process and growth as an artist. I have come to understand the importance of Feminine Wisdom and how trusting this Wisdom strengthens my creative process. What I will never forget about Painting the Feminine Fall 2019, is the wonderful women I have met and the incredibly supportive environment that developed for us to create within. I am not sure if words can explain the transformation I experienced over the course but I know my creative wisdom and style has grown. Thank you, Connie, for this beautiful gift. I will definitely be returning again.

Maureen Kelly Campbell1
Maureen Kelly Campbell3
Maureen Kelly Campbell2

Maureen Kelly Campbell

Art has been a part of my life for as long as I have been able to hold a pencil. During my college years, I fell in love with watercolors and kept them as my preferred medium for many years. Then, about a year ago, I decided to branch out and experiment with oils, acrylics and pastels. This desire to explore new directions opened up new avenues for me and my creativity.

I’ve always been interested in painting the female face and form, and also drawn to the spiritual aspect of the divine feminine. Painting the Feminine was therefore, the perfect class for me! It encouraged my muse and I enjoyed meeting other women who were also seeking the feminine secrets of their souls through art.

Nancy Ewing3
Nancy Ewing1
Nancy Ewing2

Nancy Ewing

This time around for me, Painting the Feminine was about painting big and loose. I enjoyed standing in front of my brown paper journal or my canvas and letting the brush move where it wanted to. I learned about feeling the energy in the paper and the canvas and moving with it. I experienced the freedom to listen to myself and paint what was called forth. Once again, I experienced the joy of a group of women painting together and the growth that resulted from Connie’s gentle guidance and insight.

Nancy Scarzello1
Nancy Scarzello2
Nancy Scarzello3

Nancy Scarzello

This was my second time with Painting the Feminine and although I felt that unexpected life circumstances limited my time to really dig in, I found that at the end of the four weeks, I HAD kept up the practice! The journal pieces had allowed me to explore some materials new to me—colored brush pens, black fine-point pens and white gel pens. All of the prompts gave me a fun escape that was much needed. My one-and-only canvas this time was most profound: A view from inside a cave looking out towards the landscape I love to be in. I realized this became a view to my inner landscape. I used a white gel pen to write all over it in a stream-of-consciousness; a real and true mind dump, un-censored because I was planning on painting over it. In the end, I left it exposed.

I love this work as a visual reminder to tell the truth to myself and to not cover up this truth with a pretty glossing-over that I would rather people see. It's an incredible journey with amazing women. Thank you, Connie!

Shanna Tabatcher2
Shanna Tabatcher1
Shanna Tabatcher3

Shanna Tabatcher

Painting the Feminine has been a truly beautiful experience for me. It has helped me through a very challenging time in my life and opened me back up to the creativity that has been dormant within for so many years. Connie is such a gentle soul and powerful space holder. Her energy and the safety I felt allowed me to open up and share my art and heart.

As the weeks unfolded through the different prompts, I was able to turn off the brain and allow the body to lead. I am finally feeling empowered to trust my choices and listen to that beautiful voice within. Painting is bringing me so much joy and healing.

Connie taught me to paint how I’m feeling, so in one painting I can move through so many different emotions and actually allow them to physically move through me! It’s a way to embrace the chaos, pain, grief, joy and aliveness! This is just the start for me! I look forward to so many more Painting the Feminine classes and additional guidance from Connie.

Sheree Matthews1
Sheree Matthews2
Sheree Matthews3

Sheree Angela Matthews

What I don't want to forget about Painting the Feminine is that my own opinions, reactions or feelings are the only ones I should engage with or worry about. Far too often, I’ve wasted time, energy and emotions worrying about how other people will receive my work. Will they think it’s good enough or not? Will they understand what I’m trying to convey or not?

Will they like it or not?

Spending time alone with my practice, this time around, meant that I could create freely and honestly just with/for myself. And it was a gift as well as an eye opener. All I have to do is just show up and explore, and not hold back out of fear. Painting the Feminine was the sacred vessel which held this journey; this practice; this a-ha moment. Thank you.

Sinda Wood3
Sinda Wood2
Sinda Wood1
Sinda Wood

Sinda Wood

What I never want to forget from Painting the Feminine Fall 2019 is that when your brush paints the field of energy around you, you are free to feel the deepest emotions you do not have words for. There are always women around you to help fluff up your wings or straighten your crown. I want to remember that when you open your arms and ask for assistance or information, it always pours over you like moonlight—gentle and bright. Connie Solera helps you see what lies right below the surface not only in your work but in your life. She has brought me to tears many times with her words and observations! I have received so much support and love from my fellow participants. Painting the feminine is a world in and of itself. Thank you a million times over.

Suzi Peetros3
Suzi Peetros2
Suzi Peetros1

Suzi Peetros

Through Painting the Feminine, I have continued to deepen the connection to my creative voice and my ever-expanding visual language. Guided by Connie, and with the support of so many beautiful souls, I can explore various concepts or emotions with more confidence. I trust that deep wisdom and insight will be revealed in each painting which is amazing and liberating. I’m excited to continue on this Painting the Feminine journey!

Painting The Feminine Runs every fall & spring!