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Painting The Feminine



In this four-week online workshop, you will breathe new life into your creative practice, develop a unique body of artwork and begin to crack the code on your own visual language—all while strengthening your personal style and voice.

As an artist, I use art journaling as my way of tapping into my inner guidance and making meaning as my life unfolds. I call my process Painting the Feminine and since 2013, I have been inviting artists world-wide to join me in creating their own Painting-the-Feminine practice.

In Painting The Feminine you will explore and define what Feminine Wisdom means to you individually, while exercising your hand-to-heart connection through a daily practice of painting and visual storytelling.

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Painting The Feminine Is For...

  • Artists of all skill levels, backgrounds and interests.  Our focus in Painting The Feminine is to create a body of work that helps each artist identify and understand their visual language and develop their style.
  • Artists interested in gaining a peek into my painting process. I will share with you intimate details, as well as techniques you can apply to your own practice.
  • Artists of all art supply capacity! In Painting The Feminine, I encourage you to use what you have on hand -- no need to purchase anything new and fancy for this eCourse!
  • Artists who don't believe they're artists -- come! come! (Painting The Feminine will change your opinion on that!)
  • Artists with experience that want to deepen their practice or breathe new life into it.

Here's What You'll Receive

  • Foster a daily creative practice that is nourishing to your soul and nervous system
  • Build a body of art work based around Feminine Wisdom / Feminine Energy
  • Learn how to identify and honor your creative sweet spot
  • Take creative risks with trust and curiosity
  • Begin to identify and understand your unique visual language
  • Develop your style -- no more searching for it!
  • Create a visual narrative
  • Discover inspiration in one’s own inner world and natural environment
  • Practice relaxing and receiving — creatively and in life.



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Here's how we roll...

  • MONDAY |  DISCUSSION Monday's are for a live Zoom discussion where we'll dig into the theme we are going to explore and dig into for the week with our painting.
  • TUESDAY – THURSDAY | STORYTELLING & SUPPORT You will receive  a short audio providing you with just enough inspiration and support to fuel your daily creative practice and get you Painting the Feminine with gusto. There is also a space for you to share your work and receive support and feedback.
  • FRIDAY | STUDIO VISIT On Fridays you receive a visit to my studio where I share tips, tricks, and an intimate look at my own process.
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Praise for Painting the feminine

Claudia Olmos
Claudia Olmos

What Painting the Feminine has meant to me is…PTF meant a journey with beautiful souls that allow me to express and feel comfortable in it. I am very happy for this experience that also opened more my feminine qualities like intuition, passion, vulnerability, authenticity, nurturing, etc. It’s been an encounter with colors, brushes paper and canvas without restrictions, a sense of playing and sensuality, discovery and mystery.

Bernadette Torres

Thank you Connie for your lovely teaching skills. This art adventure was challenging for me to open up to a new creative flow, as I have little to no experience in Art. I enjoyed the guided meditative tours to the places we spent healing and expanding our feminine power. I loved watching Connie move energy while she painted. The message I keep hearing as I worked on my own creations was to just let go and let it flow. I’m inspired to keep on this path.

Dawn Zichko
Dawn Zichko

Intuitive painting has taught me to find meaning and abandon meaning simultaneously. Colors who want to be invited to the palette easily call attention, brushes dance on the surface, and I don’t make any plans for the process or have expectations. I simply let the image become itself, whatever that is in the moment. I am an Artist of Presence and Embodiment. It is my hope my art reflects these qualities.

Deb Acquino
Deb Acquino

What I don’t want to forget about PTF is how it proved that so many women from all over the world are equally connected to feminism and art. The sisterhood is strong and we always need to remember that we are all in this together through the creative inspiring days and the days that seem to just seem harder to connect with our inner selves. Connie is so inspirational with her words and art, and she helped me tap into places in my creative brain that have never been tapped before.

Sheree Matthews
Sheree Matthews

Painting the Feminine was an experience of listening to the whispers within, the ideas and inspirations of my heart. This journey has supported me in paying more attention to my voice, my soulful core which had been pushed to the side, silenced and ignored in order to appear acceptable within society. There is another way. Painting the Feminine has strengthened my practice of embracing this other intuitive authentic way.

Eleni Livitsanos
Eleni Livitsanos

PTF is about entering emptiness, spaciousness, formlessness and from there, drawing out beauty, presence and wisdom, like one draws nourishment from a well. It is a birthing of what the world needs into form. I am in awe of how very special painting the feminine is. It is an opportunity to know Self through connecting to source/beauty and then bringing that knowing into form through painting. It has informed how I show up in my life and then my life has fed back into my painting; and so it goes, around the spiral we travel.


Painting The Feminine is non-refundable and non-transferable.
Please CONTACT US if you have a problem or need help.
We want you to be happy and make art!