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Painting The Feminine Student Show

Part Three of Three

Welcome Back to the Painting The Feminine Student Show!

Hello! Hello! Hello! Thank you to everyone that has joined us for PART ONE and PART TWO of the Painting The Feminine Student Show.  I'm so happy that you are here for our last and final installment of this inspiring Student Show.

Painting The Feminine is both an eCourse and a body-of-work that I have been lovingly working on since 2012. Each year I teach this eCourse in the Spring and Autumn and fall madly in love with the soulful, talented, artists that join me. This Spring was even more special since COVID-19 brought over 350 women worldwide together to paint and dig deep into our creativity while navigating this new world. I will never forget it.

Because the body-of-work we create in Painting the Feminine is intimate, vulnerable and an extension of one's Soul, the Student Show is an invitation and never a requirement. The beautiful paintings and statements you see below, demonstrate each artist's personal experience, interpretation and definition of what Painting the Feminine means to them.

Thank you to everyone that joined me for Painting The Feminine this past Spring. I look forward to painting with you again and making new friends as well.

Enjoy The Show!


Margot T Bigelow

Since journeying through Painting the Feminine, I'm creating more, I'm using ritual as part of my process, and I feel I'm finally beginning to create from my heart.

Painting the Feminine has helped me to recognize my own visual language and my own rhythms. I'm so glad I signed up and I hope to, again. Thank you!


Mary Coffey

Through the container of Painting the Feminine Spring 2020, Connie gave me permission to listen to what is deepest in me. The inner wisdom that is deep inside each of us, had been waiting for permission, validation and expression. Connie’s audios were the invitation I needed to bring it out onto my journal. Connie’s insightful comments on my expressions were the validation I need to believe that my intuitive knowing can be trusted.

I have spent most of my adult life in my head, trusting only what I can see. I have spent most of my artist life being overly concerned with technique development and getting it “right.” Painting the Feminine helped me let go of technical concerns (for a time, at least) and empowered me to dip into a deep well, bringing up images that have their own stories to tell.

I am deeply grateful for yet another season to paint with Connie and this fantastic group of soulful and supportive PTF sisters from around the world. Love to all.


Melissa Cherry

Painting the Feminine inspired me to dig out my art materials and reconnect to my sweet artistic soul. Listening to Connie’s words of wisdom and captivating stories, motivated me to explore, experiment and delve into new painting approaches. Since completing these amazing four weeks, I have continued to allow the paint to flow from my brushes and document my daily walks and love of nature.


Melissa Ohlman-Roberge

Prior to Painting the Feminine, I was a very results-oriented painter/crafter. Through this course, I was able to visualize and then actualize works, painting more freely and combining mediums in new ways. I also came to a higher understanding of feminine power as it relates to my art. Thanks to Connie and the Painting The Feminine community for your support!


Missy Storrow

The best thing that could have happened during this 2020 pandemic was to receive an invitational email from Connie Solera for Painting the Feminine! Seriously, I had previously participated in a few Painting The Feminine seasons, but this time was really medicine for my soul. I had a reason to show up at the studio every day and meet up with the gals, and my studio habit is now permanent! My visual language is incorporating stronger, bolder parts of who I am as an artist.

Connie’s passion is contagious and fun to be around; it rubs off and is remembered on a cellular level. I felt real growth and challenges, and even organized my own studio to better carry this forward. I’m sticking to keeping a studio log and can see its value over time. I even started an altered book for the first time! What I don’t want to forget is to play when play is needed and find a way through the junky junk to get to the other side where yet another door will open. I’m committed to showing up and creating for the betterment of my soul; it’s who I am.


Nancy Ewing

"Paint simply for the sake of nourishing your soul." This quote from Connie informed my fourth session of Painting the Feminine. I'm nourished by the spring flowers and by flowing watercolor; by the shape of a rosebud and the feel of oil pastel against paper. This session, I also nourished myself by looking at long-untouched art books at home. I was inspired to try creating a stencil from my drawing. Resting in the familiar led me to trying something new.


Nancy Sexton

Painting the Feminine brought me back to life. In the last couple years, I have drawn faces, done some sketching but not really done any painting. I found many ways to procrastinate—many excuses (some legit). At night, I would promise myself that tomorrow I really would get to the painting that I was thinking of, but you know, when tomorrow comes . . . . It took Painting the Feminine to put me on a roll and I can't thank Connie enough!


Nardja Segui

I’m a self-taught artist that has been painting for the last five years. I decided to take this course, Painting the Feminine, because I was going through my Facebook feed, stumbled upon Connie journals post and I was in awe! I mentioned on the post that the feeling that Connie’s journal evoked in me, was the feeling I wanted for everyone to feel when they look at my artwork! I want people to feel and be curious about why I created a piece of art. And I think the only way you achieve that is if you create from your heart. For that you need to be vulnerable and be able to open yourself up to the good and the bad, and trust that you are going to be OK. Art is there to catch you. So Painting the Feminine exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much about painting, about art, about intuition, about trusting myself and my decisions. Connie is truly gifted and I would recommend this course to anyone.


Natty Alexander

Painting the Feminine threw me a lifeline. It's revealed itself as the missing link in my creativity, resulting in me feeling connected and fulfilled by painting, more than I ever have before. Previously, I was stuck on having to create things that looked “good” or “beautiful” that others would like and perhaps want to buy, I hadn't realized how this was cramping my style and constricting my heart and soul from what wanted to be expressed in a deeply authentic way.

Painting The Feminine has placed creativity back in the forefront of my life, reinstating itself as IMPORTANT and invaluable and to be prioritized—something which I'm now finding easier and easier. I now feel nourished by my new creative practice on a very deep level. Painting The Feminine also coincided with a time of receiving difficult news concerning my health, and turning up to meet myself on the page has and still is carrying me through this challenging time. Truly a gift for my Soul and I couldn't feel more grateful.


Rachael Codina

This was my first Painting the Feminine Course. It came at the perfect time, right when the world was in chaos and turmoil with the Covid-19 pandemic. This course offered a beautiful safe space in which to freely express myself in the midst of it all.

My first surprise was the Hummingbird. He just emerged out of the paint as I was pushing it around the page. I think he was a reminder that I have the skills of self-preservation and can quickly respond to whatever the situation brings. He brought a sense of fleeting beauty to my world that doesn't need to be captured or held—just appreciated in the moment!

It has been a really long time since I have made art and Connie created a totally safe container in this course where I was able to go beyond my initial frustrations of being "not good enough" and simply play and explore with the materials without casting judgement on myself. Every woman's unique expression is valued and welcome here at Painting the Feminine.

I really loved being part of the private Facebook group. It is chock-full of incredible images and daily inspiration, and is an amazing community of strong, supportive women all cheering each other on. So grateful to you Connie and excited to journey in more art adventures with you soon.


Rebecca Ledzion

I have practiced intuitive painting on and off over the past four years and it has helped me to develop my creative expression without being so judgmental of the outcome.

Painting the Feminine Spring 2020 has been particularly freeing, as it has allowed me to be more playful and experimental. The structure has helped me to paint frequently and regularly, which I have been yearning for and have found very nourishing. It has been exciting to see what has emerged in each piece, and inspiring to be part of the international online group.

I am studying to be an art psychotherapist in the UK and have appreciated Connie's empathetic listening and warm encouragement. I have been moved by so many people bravely sharing deep and important things. I continue to be in awe of the power of the arts to communicate, connect and heal.


Sabine Modder

In the early morning hours, I take to the streets. It is the first thing I do. I let the silence wash over me. I let the birdsong waken me. I run home, bathed in air and movement; I have not spoken. When I settle at my art room table, I am still in a liminal state. I am ready to listen. To myself. I am ready to trust the feminine and accept the art that makes itself known. I paint from the heartspace, guided by my artist soul. When I start the rest of the day, I am full.


Sabrina Kovalchuk

What I don't want to forget about Painting the Feminine is that this journey helped me find and gain more freedom with my art practice; trusting more in my feminine wisdom. Being able to say to myself, “So what if I mess up?” was a thrill! Thank you, Connie, for your insight, experience and love for what you do. It makes a difference.


Sarah Bailey

Painting the Feminine has been both a reminder and an invitation to create from a deep, intuitive space, where each artist's voice within the community is supported, honored and celebrated. From a grounded and reflective understanding of our natural rhythms and visual language, Painting the Feminine supports the alignment of body, mind and spirit through creative practice. Through my practice, I was able to explore, with heartfelt acceptance, both my dance roots and my developing visual-arts voice. I believe the power in the feminine lies in the ability to soften and open, revealing our innermost secrets, shadows and wisdom. It is here, that we can create the way and express our true nature. It has been an absolute gift to work with Connie and this community, during this time. Thank you all for sharing your light!


Sheree Angela Matthews

Painting the Feminine has been a sanctuary for me. Within this safe space, I can explore my authentic self and my unique artistic language. I'm not comparing myself to others or thinking I'm doing anything wrong or right while Painting the Feminine, because this practice allows me to tap into my heart centre and soul and share whatever is there that wants and needs to be expressed and shared.


Sinda Wood

Painting the Feminine in this time and space 2020 will leave me forever changed. My heart has been cracked open by all the magnificent fellow soulful artists who gathered and shared their brilliance while becoming part of Connie Solera’s artistic legacy. I will forever remember my artist soul stands joyfully on the sun and shares the warmth of her love with everyone!


Sue Schneider

This course came at the most opportune time. I’ve been going through over a year of tremendous transformation. Painting the Feminine has helped me tap into another layer of exposure and deep soul searching. I now feel it doesn’t matter what the outcome looks like; the internal movement is the most precious flow. I’m learning from Connie to acknowledge there is the spark of creativity alive and well, waiting to be set free.

Now is the time. I’ve followed Connie for years. This is my first Painting The Feminine course. It won’t be my last. There is always more to uncover and develop. I appreciate the vulnerability and honesty with which Connie teaches. Words aren’t sufficient to express my feelings. Thank you, Connie and all the lovely ladies in the class.


Susan Nash

Painting the Feminine has allowed me to understand that I can show up at the page and know that anything I put down from the heart, or through my intuition, will be just fine. I have learned to have neither judgement nor fear; to just paint what I am called to paint. It has been pure joy and I am excited to keep on going.


Tamara Ryan Brody

I have been dancing with the feminine in life and art for a very long time. At this time in my life, I find myself taking a deeper dive into the darkness of the unknown. What I appreciated about the timing of this juicy offering is how it supported me in dissolving old patterns of naming and claiming who I am and what I have to give. I will continue this exploration with more tools and insight as a result of Connie’s generous and heart-centered lessons, prompts and sharings. I feel held and supported to add my choreography to the rising feminine energies of these beautiful soul sisters, dancing into a new day and a new way. I am grateful!


Tara Hayden

Participating in this Painting the Feminine online course has been an amazing experience. It is the first time I have taken an online class and actually kept up. Why? Connie makes it so worthwhile. The conversations on the calls were so stimulating and the audios were so motivating, I had no difficulty keeping up. This course really spoke to me and it spoke through my artwork and where I actually am in my life. It was amazing how the course content mirrored where I am in my life and these paintings reflect that. Before taking Painting the Feminine, I hadn’t considered how these concepts affect my creative practice. Now I do! Thank you, Connie Solera!


Taryn Michelle Coffeng Vandenberg

Painting the Feminine has been an awesome experience! I have been in awe at how much I had previously neglected my creativity; at how much pleasure I could experience through reconnecting with my creative practice; at how much cultivating my creative practice nourishes me, body and soul. I have experienced awe at seeing myself, and in seeing myself seeing the feminine!

Teigh-anne_Shave2 (1)

Teigh-anne Shave

I still have some of the course to work through, but I feel I joined for the connection to others and the Zoom calls and advice. Additionally, the guidance and sunshine-y energy that came into my email inbox was very welcoming. I found it interesting that the mother and child came out in my painting. Although we were given the word suggestion of maternal or mother, I am also separated from my son, so this held particular meaning for me.

I love color and it was great fun to be around so much of it during Painting the Feminine. During the course, I was also working on a sculpture for my Mum, so I have been fully in feminine energy. I realized just how much I am generally "in the flow" and trust that where I'm at is where I need to be. I'm looking forward to starting all over again when these projects are complete. Thank you, Connie! I already miss the Zoom meetings.


Vivian Liebenson

Painting the Feminine, for me, has been about listening to my intuition, connecting to emotion, and expressing what is in my heart through my artwork. This was my third time painting in community as part of this class, and each time I become more in touch with my own voice as an artist. It has been a journey that started with just being able to hear my intuition above the din of self-doubt, to believing what I hear and having the courage to paint it. I’m so grateful to Connie and all the women in this community to have had this outlet while so much in the world has ground to a halt.


Yasmin Vizcarrondo

This was my first time at Painting the Feminine. After many years following Connie, I took the plunge, and it came at a very difficult time with the isolation for Covid-19. It made me structure my life during the April lockdown in Barbados.

I have been painting all my life, but have struggled to be consistent. Since the beginning of the course, I have set myself a challenge to paint every day at least fifteen minutes, and I have successfully accomplished that. I finished twenty one spreads in my art journal, thanks to Connie and this community of artists. The inspiration we received from the Facebook videos, the audios and the studio meetings were the force behind my daily painting adventures. I also soon realized how feminine intuition works differently in each one of us. Thanks, Connie Solera for all the fun and lovely prompts we received to make us develop our own style.