Here’s what FEARLESS Painters have said about DEEP…
BIG was life changing for me, as it cracked my heart wide open and the light flowed in to different areas of my life; not just painting. And DEEP was the step I needed to take to keep that light flowing, to strengthen my connection with it, to learn to work through and have a serious relationship to fearlessness and freedom… in my painting practice and in my life. The journey was so valuable to me, that I went through it twice, learning new things about myself and my practice each time. It opened the door (literally, as my painting shows) to my inner self. It took me to places within myself that were dark, where I battled my demons with paintbrush in hand and it took me to brighter spaces where it showed me that I am so much more than I ever dreamed I could be.; that right here, right now, is perfect. The journey was so very, very worth it. Thank you Connie, for being guide and teacher and for offering a safe space to stretch our wings and a soft space to land as we navigate our Fearless Painting practice.
~Danni at
DEEP turned my world upside-down and inside-out and shone a bright light into the darkest recesses of my soul, but all in the best possible of ways. DEEP took me to places within my Inner Landscape that I dared not fear to tread without the loving and compassionate guidance of Connie and with my hand and heart being gently held by the amazing Tribe of painting sisters that shared these journeys with me. It is no understatement to say that DEEP has profoundly changed every aspect of my life and living, forever. Thank you Connie, words can never fully express the gratitude in my heart for the gift of the experience/s you offer.  
~Melissa Kym at
I must say, I cannot imagine not having taken DEEP.  During BIG I fell in love with Fearless Painting and I wanted more. But signing up for DEEP I didn’t know how much more I was going to get! First of all DEEP rooted Fearless Painting deep into my heart and soul, making it a very important part of my creative practice. It also made me find my Tribe. I love Connie’s ability to make you feel safe and loved. During DEEP I connected to people in a deeper way I ever thought possible.  And last, working through the exercises wasn’t always easy, it made me search and dig and look closer at my life than ever before – but in the end it helped me on the path of finding my own voice and my own message. And even more: during DEEP I started my own creative business and rented my own amazing studio!
~Kim at
I took DEEP right after BIG and thought I knew what to expect. I’d go DEEPer (yes terrible pun intended) but what happened was far more unexpected and transformative then I’d imagined. At first – truth be told – I was uncomfortable. I wanted to move faster, then slower. I wanted more, then less. I wanted to connect and then I wanted to run away. Painting within DEEP I found a new path within me and as I walked it, as I listened with greater focus I began to understand the idea of trust in a new way and how I walk through the world with it. I began to spend more time in silence listening to my breathing, to my body as brush or fingers danced across the page, to my heart. Painting became a practice infused with intention, emotion, me. DEEP opened a door for me to explore my unique expression, my voice and the landscape of my heart, soul and life.
~Natasha at
I loved DEEP so much I actually did it twice! Working with this class and Connie’s guidance helped to deepen my intuitive painting practice and the painting that emerged after the six weeks was a lesson in patience, courage and willingness to be with what was happening. I learned how to stay with myself through frustration and also experienced the sheer joy of paint on paper. Connie is an excellent teacher, compassionate yet taking no nonsense! Take this class…you will never regret it.
~Shauna M.


BIG was life changing and DEEP reassured me that the depth of who I was and what I could do was more much more than i ever allowed me to see myself in ways i had only thought were possible for others…I started at the time a 6 foot by 9 foot painting which i not quite finished yet ..but I knew that this painting would be life changing and it and DEEP have not disappointed me. Connie is the kind of woman who guided with a gentle heart and that too was greatly appreciated..The other blessed part of DEEP was the continued and reassuring strength of a DEEP and lasting connection with amazing women around the world… One of the best things i ever gave myself was permission to take DEEP…
~Jo Anne P.


For me, DEEP was a journey into my very essence. Through Connie’s intuitive guidance and wise counsel, I released layer after layer of junky junk to discover the true beauty of the creative source within. By going DEEP, I’ve forged a new relationship with myself and a developed a deeper understanding of my creative practice. Connie’s compassionate offerings are transformative and healing.  

~Kimberly at
BIG started this life changing practice for me. It brought me back to a best friend I had been missing for a long time. DEEP turned that friendship into a love affair. I am so DEEPly connected and committed to my painting practice. The process of delving into my creative source with these beautiful women was so enriching to me. I am now a part of something so much bigger than me. This tribe of artists, is an answer to a lifelong desire that I wasn’t aware I needed. I can’t count the ways my life has changed since DEEP. All I can say is make the time and jump in with your whole self. If you do, you will surely be different on the other side! 
 ~Jes at
I was lucky enough to do DEEP twice and they were different experiences since the course changed for the second round. Its hard to put into words. I have some of my deep paintings on my walls and I often look at them in wonder. I painted that, is what comes to mind. I think that DEEP changed the way I think of myself as an artist.I am not as afraid anymore. I am willing to try what I wouldn’t before. The DEEP where we painted on one painting for 6 weeks was amazing on all accounts. To get that familiar with a subject was a gift. I even went so far as making DEEP my word for the year, and had a necklace made with the word that I wear daily. It reminds me to go deep in all areas of my life. Thank you Connie for such a gift.  
~Kate at
 I am a seasoned creator, risk taker and professional artist/mentor myself, so the fact that DEEP impacted me is highly, deeply, truly significant.  But the course won’t carry you there unless you want to go. You have to commit to diving in and going DEEP. AND what’s most important – at least to me – is NOT the exercises, the prompts, the videos from Connie, IT IS CONNIE. Connie herself is the greatest inspiration. I am frankly blown away by her soul-full-ness. She lays it on the line, she’s truthful, she switches gears when the gears need to be switched, she’s above all REAL and that to me is the biggest gift of all. DEEP and Connie have become touchstones for my living, that’s how important these classes with Connie are to me. The truths revealed have settled into my bones and carry me forward and I am forever grateful as well as expanded, changed and made more-better!   
~Deborah at
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