Awards, Hair Dye, Grey Skies

Another school year finished. Another summer break begins.
Since the last time I blogged, the weather here in Phoenix has dropped considerably. The last two days have been grey, cold, and rainy. I feel like it is Fall in Cleveland, and it does put a little damper on my excitement. The 2007/2008 school year has officially come to an end. All things are packed away, report cards turned in, all paperwork finished, and good-byes have been said. The music teacher and I celebrated Friday by indulging in some wine and pasta at 11 AM, followed by a delicious pedicure! There is nothing like soft, smooth feet to start a new journey!
The ending of this school year came with great excitement and some surprises. For one, Thursday was the last day of class for the kidos, followed by a swanky little party at the near-by country club for the teachers. Even though I was exhausted, and not up for being social, the lure of red wine was calling me. The Music teacher and I car pooled over reluctantly, but were happy later after we both were presented awards for “outstanding character” at school. These awards seemed a little cheesey to me, until I found out that they were voted on by the teachers (I missed the meeting where the nominations took place). I got a little choked up knowing that the teachers have this kind of respect and admiration for what I do. Being an art teacher, especially at this school, I am literally in my own little world. I am blessed with my own gorgeous room in the Fine Arts building with music. Students and teachers have to travel across the campus to get to my room–so I am literally isolated from the rest of the school. This has its pros and cons. Honestly though, I love it. But, Art is always at the bare bottom of the totem pole, and being away from the main campus, I miss out on lot of the daily things taking place with the teachers in the other building. It means alot to me to have the teachers honor my place in the whole school environment. Very cool.
Thursday was also great, because I got to know the other teachers a little better. Music and I ended up going to dinner afterwards with the fourth grade teachers. Here, on the second last day of school we find out that we all have so much in common, especially our views on improving the school atmosphere. Here is where I can tell you about my second surprise. I received an email on Thursday from the district office asking me to be on the committee for choosing a new principal for next year. Our current principal is leaving to teach in the university. There is only four of us teachers chosen, so I felt really honored to be one of them. Next year I want to really make a difference in the working environment of the school. Teachers are so negative and unhappy and it doesn’t have to be that way. School needs to get the fun back into it, and I believe its possible.
But that’s enough said about school. Now I have ten weeks of a new chapter to write. Today I went to get my hair sculpted a little and to add some color. I have to admit, I am highly disappointed. I chose this chic-e-babe because I love what she does to these couple of ladies hair that work at my school. They have the funkiest, cool hair-dos. So I tell the hairdresser that I am trying to grow my hair out, and this has been the most boringest hair-do I’ve ever had, and I desperately need some bold life breathed into it. I thought we were on the same wave when I even showed her a picture of the color I was interested in. I knew there wasn’t a whole lot she could do with the cut, since I’m trying to grow it out, and it just has to be one with this ridiculous stage it is in now…but, she gave me such normal, safe, non-fun, hair color. Damn. I mean, it’s ok, but I would have loved a lot more punch to it. Oh well, I didn’t want to complain, because even though my hair is in a complete funk, it is in one of the healthiest states its ever been in a long time, and I didn’t want to fry it with another chemical.
So, a lesson in not having any expectations.
Like I said, things here in Phoenix have been grey and cold. My mood has been very reflective of the weather and very introspective. I’ve been thinking alot about stuff that I want to share. But I’ll save it for a little later, I want to get dinner ready for Hansel. Having the blessing to be a good housewifey is one of the great treats of my ten week vacation! Till later!
Peace & Love.
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