DEEP :: A FEARLESS® Painting Adventure

DEEP :: A FEARLESS® Painting Adventure
with Dirty Footprints Studio

-DEEP will make a real FEARLESS® Painter out of you.–

FEARLESS® Painter Mary
In DEEP you will root your FEARLESS® Painting practice into a greater meaning of purpose while defining what it means to you to be a FEARLESS® Painter.

DEEP takes a commitment. It takes work. It takes the desire and longing for something more.

The focus of DEEP is on creating a body of FEARLESS® paintings that will reveal to you facets of your heart, life, and spirit that long to be recognized and pronounced. You will need to rely on your intuition to guide you deeper as we discuss and explore various topics such as:
FEARLESS® Painter Janet.
  • Painting as devotion.
  • Your calling to be an Artist.
  • Listening to your intuition versus banking on your creativity.
  • Your purpose and voice as an Artist.
  • Responding versus reacting in your painting process.
  • Isolating your fear gremlin and observing the chatter of your mind.
  • Showing up to your practice: mediocre vs extraordinary.
  • Joy and happiness are important ingredients!
  • Finding your edge.
  • Commitment, ritual, and going DEEP.

DEEP is a six week long adventure ONLY OPEN TO FEARLESS® PAINTERS FROM BIG. Each Sunday you will receive the videos and text for that week. Also during the week you will receive two FEARLESS® Inspiration emails, one check-in video, and supportive pdf’s. There are a total of two live teleconferences and four online chats scheduled as well where I will answer questions and we can connect with and support one another more deeply.


FEARLESS® Painter Natasha.

NATASHA :: With each painting I got more and more quiet and at the same time, my life was trying so hard to take over and stop my process. If I gave in and stopped working, I was one cranky bitch. For the first time – and I’ve kept journals for years – I realized how important it was for me to create – not just write but to use color. I’ve had dreams about color and been obsessed with color my entire life so now that I’ve found a way to bring it into my world, I need it. With each painting I discovered that I could really access and display my feelings. I learned that my subconscious, my creative spirit really needs to be heard and celebrated. I explored vast pools of quiet within and uncovered resources of endless play. Each painting deepened my belief that creation allows me to truly experience my life as I was living it.


TRACY :: I’ve been having so much fun. It feels that “things” are finally starting to line up a bit in my life. That the struggling, wondering, and searching are giving way to trusting, knowing, and feeling all that I am meant to be and do. It is nothing short of STUPENDOUS! It has been a lovely and love-filled 6 weeks. Without a doubt!


FEARLESS® Painter Tracie.

LISA :: My DEEP experience took me places I wasn’t expecting.  It seems my intention for DEEP, which was DEEP joy, figured into my experience in a very large way and the Universe was bringing me all kinds of information regarding JOY and experiencing more JOY in my life.


LIS :: I am celebrating this journey of integration, this journey of acceptance, this journey toward Joy.  I remember complaining way back in Big or the Tribe about this notion of cultivating Intuition and how I cannot tell when it is my intuition speaking or fear.  Now I realize, intuition will never tell me “don’t do this” … rather, it will point me in the direction I am supposed to go.  Fear speaks in don’t.  And I am celebrating a new level of trust within myself and my ability to work my way to my answers. 


MEL :: I treasure so much the sharing of stories — the sisterhood of paint that we have cultivated here and beyond.  I feel so much more sure of myself now….so certain in my uncertainty…and have found peace in the Not Knowing as much as I’ve found peace in Knowing in other times. I can fully accept that i don’t need to know it all right now…that for now, my job is to just keep walking in the general direction of where I’d like to go– realizing (and being utterly okay with the fact) that i might change my mind further along the path.


FEARLESS® Painter Tracy


FEARLESS® Painter Lis
DEEP :: $225

–You will receive a confirmation email after registering with information on starting DEEP.

–Payment plans are available, please email me at for more information.


In DEEP I have created an environment and experience that will guide you into a more meaningful relationship with your FEARLESS® Painting practice while helping you define just what this practice really is to you–and how it benefits your own life. In DEEP you will receive:
FEARLESS® Painter Mel
  • 6 weeks of inspiring, informative, and challenging videos, text, and pdf’s that will guide your FEARLESS® Painting Process
  • 2 FEARLESS® Inspiration emails each week that are intended to motivate and encourage
  • personal feedback on all work and writing and access to email me with questions and concerns at any time.
  • 4 scheduled online live chats
  • 2 scheduled live teleconferences (long distant fees may apply)
  • an online environment that is safe, supportive, and fun–where we will grow even deeper as a FEARLESS® Painting Tribe!

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