Fifteen Days


I’m procrastinating. I need to be getting ready to go to work, but I’m doing everything but. Today is going to be the world’s longest day at work, so maybe that’s why I’m prolonging the start time! Plus, I did not get tons of sleep last night, because after I finished blogging, I prepared for bed, then thought I’d do a little drawing. I have this fine idea that with 15 days of work actually left, I’d make a little drawing to commemorate each last day. Here is number 15. I know that with the horrible day I had yesterday one would expect something a little less whimsical and happy. For me those dark drawing days are gone–even if I try, it always seems to come out breezy! All those little monsters in my drawing are the different personalities I have to deal with daily–and each one is radiating their own type of energy patterns–which then coincide and collide with all the other radiating energy patterns. Now that I shared something, I have to get motivated. Have a great day!!!

Peace & Love

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