Fourteen Days


Yesterday I got home and I was exhausted. Hideously exhausted. I worked from 8AM till 9PM without no stops. They were pulling me in every direction like I was a piece of melting taffy. But I won’t go further in complaining then that. My multi-cultural event went well. I spent the evening painting henna designs on hands and my wrist is still paying the price of art. But even exhausted as a mule in the Grand Canyon, I came home and completed Fourteen in celebration of finishing my fourteenth day till vacation! (enter ten second dance party!) I picked up crayons, watercolors, acrylics, and a sharpie at around midnight and kissed this baby finished before I turned into sleep. Well, looking at it in the morning, it still needs a little somethin-somethin, but I’m going to post it on here anyways. I’ll work on it when I finish this post.

As you can see, this one is visited by monsters again. Monsters all crowding one another-some kind of cute & happy, others grumpy and wretched. I was bombarded by many, many kids yesterday–they’re the happy, cute ones and the needy ones with arms outstretched. Then, there were teachers that were pissed with me because they had to do something out of their usual routine and also they had to stay after school for the event. Lots of unhappy teachers with me. Whatever.

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