Here’s my drawing from yesterday. I’ve decided to stick with the monster theme all the way through and to focus on the same materials: crayons, pen, and acrylic paint. Being that I teach K-8 art, I feel that these materials are appropriate to express my pure joy of these last days! It’s such a silly little series of paintings anyways…..a painting each day, counting down till my ten week vacation! What the kids don’t get is that honestly, the teachers want this vacation way more than them! I start my countdown from day one. Pathetic, but embarrassingly true. So imagine my join when the countdown is only in its teens! And here we got number 13.

Did you know that in some cultures 13 is not considered an unlucky number? My 13Th day was BeAuTiFuL!!! Because, you see, Connie was smart AND lucky. Going to school I was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d EXHAUSTED…if I could, I would have taken the day off. I knew my energy meter was running low and the thought of handling two hundred something kids today with paint and oil pastels, made me want to shrivel into air. So, there’s lots of teachers out, and all these certain issues I don’t want to bother with, but a long story short: I insisted on having me be the “substitute teacher” in the computer lab. Yes, my kids missed another day of art (they took me out of my classroom on Tuesday to administrate the standardized tests happening this week—Art Teacher is not all crayons and construction paper my friends!), but I wouldn’t have been much use to them either being on depleted. So instead I got to spend the entire day sitting at a desk cruising through etsy while kids came and went and played on the computer. This my friend is the truth about education. Well, not really–just how things are at the tippy-tail end of school.

So, here is my painting 13. That funny looking monster with both wings and a scalely tail is me. Just chillin’ on a cloud, hanging out, all things are sunny and good! It’s not finish yet…but I’ll get to that later!

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