Today I didn’t sub, I didn’t have to test. I was in my room all day, with a bunch of bonkers kid-ohs. Everyone is ready. Ready for vacation. Ready for a break. I just was on edge, irritable, you could probrably use the adjective “angry”. I’d like to blame it on the kids, the other teachers, the fact that I was running late this morning. But those are all excuses, I choose to be a certain way–to view the world in a certain fashion–to indulge in a certain dialogue with myself, my colleagues, my students, the universe. So, with that said–maybe you can figure out my painting of the day today: TWELVE. I sort of strayed away from the monsters, and this baby has a little bit of layering going on with tissue paper. I was thinking a little about Picasso’s blue period and Van Gogh’s work. But I think there’s other stuff probrably peakin’ through this piece. I’m posting it tonight, cause tomorrow I have an early-bird meeting and won’t have time to putz on the computer. Wish all a good day.

Peace & Love

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