Why Do I Dance Like That?

This is how my day has been going….totally dance worthy! First, last night I put some old drawings up on Etsy. Just because it’s bugging me that I got this great banner for my shop(that the wonderful Kimma made) with nothing in it. Then, just now I put a couple of my watercolor paintings up there too. I love these little girls—my little watercolor ninas. They just are soaked in meaning for me. Truly juicy!

Second, I found a pair of somethin-somethin for my dear friend Andrea who is having a b-day in a week! I just stumbled upon this etsy shop this morning, and later today I was reading the artist’s blog and she is totally cool! I LOVE her paintings! You have to check out RAWVOLTA— look at these sweet paintings. Plus, the kind of kookey thing is that Andrea & I were talking on the phone today, and somehow started talking about the raw food lifestyle. RAWVOLTA is a raw foodist. Hmmmn!?!?! What does it all mean?!?!?!

Third, I am totally proud of myself, because I stayed late at work today and totally kicked butt on a bunch of paperwork that needs to be out of my life by Friday. I was planning on procrastinating and waiting to do it tomorrow…but nope…nope….no…I did it. I forced myself to stay today. Not all of it is done, but I cut a big chunk out of a major pie of misery! My reasoning is that the sooner I get rid of the stuff that I desperately need to do to make the bread and butter right now, the sooner I can move on to what it is I LOVE doing instead–like making goodies for my etsy shop–and most especially yoga! So tomorrow, it will be done–and in less time then I planned for!

Peace & Love

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