Creating A Vision Board

Today I made my very first vision board inspired by the great ladies and inspirational Oprah show I saw Friday night. So for those of you that have been thinking about making your own, but are uncertain where to start, I’d thought I’d share with you my process. Now, I have no clue if there is some right or wrong way or some kind of rules I’m suppose to be following, and as a matter of fact, I really don’t care. I made this vision board for me. It was fun. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that!

I started my vision board with a piece of white poster board, some tissue paper, and gloss medium.

You don’t have to go wild and buy a big momma tub like I have. You can certainly get away with a smaller bottle of gloss medium. I just use this stuff for everything. Especially as an adhesive. Also, if gloss is not your thing…they also make matte. Or, I also like to use Mod Podge, but I didn’t have a whole lot for this project.

Theo loves to watch and critique all art work that takes place on the floor. Having a kitty or loving pet while you create your vision board does make good company.

First I ripped my tissue paper into big pieces. I wanted to create under the actual collage of pictures a sort of painting or art piece that would be a symbol of radiating love from the core.

So here I am applying the tissue paper with the gloss medium. I just brush that stuff on. I like it when the tissue paper overlaps and wrinkles a bit. Adds some cool texture!

Ta-daa!! Kind of cool looking. Huh?

Now I got out my beloved acrylic paints. I just wanted to add a few thick lines to emphasize the swirling motion.

Just so you know, all this tissue paper-painting stuff is completely optional. It is going to get covered over anyways. But I liked the idea of starting this off with a deeper intention, and working the entire piece as art. Make sense.

Next comes the fun part…start cutting out photos! I also went on the Internet and found photos that I printed out and also grabbed a few of our own real snapshots to add.

Once you cut out the photos, you might want to go through them and organize them a bit. Separate them into groups. I had photos to do with Costa Rica, the ocean, and building a Cobb House–I put those in one pile. I had photos to do with natural food–one pile. Photos to do with yoga. Photos to do with money. Photos to do with healing. Photos to do with community. Photos to do with meditating and going inward. Once you have your little piles, then start playing with the layout.

I, once again, used my gloss medium as adhesive. I paint it on to the back of the photo, then apply it to the poster board. I use an old credit card to smooth out all the wrinkles and bubbles. It’s a great way to recycle expired credit cards or gift cards. As you can kind of see from the photo below, one side of my credit card I cut in a jagged fashion–that’s great for adding texture to paintings!

Gluing the pieces together on the poster board was the trickiest part. I had a real nice layout to my collage, I felt, and then things got a little off trying to glue them on. Don’t get so attached to the overall aesthetics of your vision board. Creating a vision board is not about making a great art piece. If you plan to sell it on Etsy, then you lost the whole purpose of creating a vision board.

Here is my final piece. I apologize for the lousy photo and the glare from the flash. You can see that I also cut out words and phrases that sang to me when I was cutting out images. I plan to give it a day, then look over it again, and add my own words to it. Then it will be completely finished. I made my vision board vertically so that it would fit on the back of my bathroom door. (Hansel and I are blessed with the saviour of having our own bathrooms, so it feels only right that this is where I would hang my vision board–in my own little ladies room! )

If this was a “normal” piece of art work I would be happy to share with you my thoughts and ideas behind everything. But I choose to keep that part of my vision board private. Sort of a conversation between me and the universe!

If you have made your own vision board, have any ideas or inspirational testimonies, please add them to the comments!!

Peace & Love.

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