I Miss San Diego Already

We got back from San Diego late last night. There were tears. Honestly, there were tears. The ocean does that to me. I’ve had a long distance affair with the Pacific for years now, and each time we part it gets more and more difficult.

San Diego was good to us. We got up super early, hiked, surfed, ate out, and laid in bed at night, completely exhausted, watching cable tv! Oh yeah. It’s been years since I jumped on those waves, and I forgot how amazing the feeling is to surf the great force of the ocean. I also forgot what to do! So I spent a lot of time being thrown around in the tide and swallowing salt water. But I loved it! Seriously loved it. Plus, since it was a bit chilly, we rented wet suits–and that has got to be one of the greatest inventions ever! Not only did that sausage suit keep me warm, but I didn’t freak out when I came out of the water wrapped in kelp and seaweed!

The thing about the ocean is that it brings all the best out of me. On the surface, my hair looked fantastic—it has to be that salt water, or the little microorganisms that live in the ocean—but my hair went soft and super curly. I felt like a real surfer girl for a few days! But even deeper, the ocean makes me feel fierce. I love being part of that massive force, floating on the waves, feeling the pull of the tide. I love how it can swallow you completely like you never existed on your own. The ocean made Hansel and I silly in love with each other. It made us play together like little kids, instead of worrying about bills or tired from a long day at work. Even though I was exhausted, I just kept getting back on my board and swimming out in the direction of the horizon. Even though the ocean would break down on me, push me around, suffocate me with its energy–I took a deep breathe and surrendered. You can learn so much about yourself through the ocean. You can see how it is a world of its own, how it has seasons and many moods all in a single day and if you look closely enough, you can see your reflection, and maybe realize we are more than just passing.

Peace & Love.
PS The new music on my blog is inspired by our trip.
PPS More photos to come–Hansel’s the photographer! He needs to download them first.
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