Drum Roll Please….

Today is the big day that all of you have been waiting for!!! Unfortunately it didn’t go as well as I planned….I had big ideas to shoot a fun video of me picking the name…but due to the temporary loss of internet, instead I sit here in the community computer room. I wrote everyone’s name down that entered, and twice for those cool folks that mentioned my contest on their site, and Melissa, the girl sitting next to me in the community computer room, picked a name out of my emptied purse!!!

So….the winner of my Reusable, Eco Friendly, Funky Cool Grocery Bag is:

Jennifer of Gallery Girl blog!! Congratulations!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered and supported my contest by mentioning it on your blog. This is only the beginning my friends—more bags to come, more contests in the future! But please, do your part to help heal Mother Earth, and be mindful the next time you go to the grocery store. Do you have an old tote or beach bag that is sitting around? Maybe use that instead of plastic…and, even better, you can always buy one of my Funky Cool bags on Etsy!!!

Peace & Love.
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