New Year’s in August!!

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Wednesday I start back to work. Eight AM I need to be at an Art Teacher’s meeting. Followed by lunch with colleagues, then heading over to my Art Room for the rest of the day. Thursday and Friday are jammed pack with boring meetings, then finally Monday the kiddos are back!

This has been a great summer vacation, even though it did not match my expectations going in. I learned alot about myself in these ten weeks. I made new friends through the wonders of the Internet, I created lots of Art, I wrote, I wrote, I wrote, drank gallons of fresh juice, surfed in San Diego, went back to my hometown of Cleveland, spent lots of quality time with Hansel, made reusable grocery bags and begun a mission (that I plan to keep at), read a few great books, saw some fun movies, caught up on my sleep, and spent time joyfully beginning my study of the Yoga Sutras. Not too shabby for ten weeks!

Now that work is starting, a whole new adventure begins. That is the beauty of being a school teacher–New Year celebration in August! I don’t believe in resolutions only in creating new intentions. One of my intentions being to practice balance in my life. I intend to keep Dirty Footprints and my Etsy shop going strong throughout the school year. I find writing a blog to be a great release and platform for me to work through my ideas and thoughts. I also love the feedback and friendships that have taken root here, and I know that you , my dear ladies, will bring much comfort and support in the challenges that possibly lay ahead. ( Working in a public school you have to expect anything!!)

So raise your glasses…..Happy New Year!!!

Peace & Love.
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