My Grandmother used to crochet as much as she inhaled and exhaled. When I was young child she made me winter caps with huge pom-poms on them that I was just way too embarrassed to wear. She also lovingly crocheted me booties (with huge pom-poms on the toe) that I would do almost anything to have again now. What I do have is a large pile of crocheted, warm, cozy blankets made out of the oddest color combinations ever. I love those blankets. Absolutely love them. They were one of the few things I kept when I rid myself of most of my material belongings over two years ago. They are the one thing I hope to create as a family heirloom one day.

The thing is, when I was a youngster I used to help my Grandma make those pom-poms. Something fun about stringing the yarn around that plastic ring then with just a snip of the scissors you are left with a fluffy ball! Simply thinking about it makes me want to run out and buy some yarn and pom-pom rings. Maybe I will!

Even though my Grandma was a die-hard crocheter and my Mom knitted frequently, I’ve never enjoyed the craft. I appreciate it. Adore things hand crocheted or knitted. Just it’s not my thing to do. I’ve tried. Numerous times I’ve attempted both techniques only to get a few days into it when I lose momentum. But, if I was a yarn lady, I bet this would be the best time of year to start those needles clicking. I’m sure with some great love and care a few wonderful goodies could be created by holiday season. So in honor of my Grandma that passed away years ago, and all you other sweet crocheters and knitters out there, I want to introduce you to three of my favorite ladies from Etsy that click the needles quite often!

I recently learned about Gretchen Creations on the blog Everyday Yogini. Gretchen, the Artist, especially loves doing custom work and has made some perfect goodies for Nona that you can see on her blog Everyday Yogini.

I love these two bowls. The imagery in both of them are adorable, and I am a big sucker for anything felted. Plus, I love when Artists totally stretch the tradtitional ideas of a craft into something else. A knitted bowl…my Grandma would have thought it was crazy! But I think they are ever so darling.

Gretchen also creates the sweetest, simple little totes like the one above, and the coolest upcycled cuffs like those below. See the third cuff? I purchased it this weekend! It is going to go perfect with this new dress I just bought! Can’t wait to wear it!

Next is my friend Celeste from Cricket’s Creations. She is a totally rad girl that is very active in the Etsy world! I met Celeste through the EtsyVeg team and I know once the weather starts treating us desert dwellers more kindly I will be purchasing one of Celeste’s amazing creations!! Check these scarves out…aren’t they absolutely delicious?!?!?!

For awhile now I’ve been trying to grow my hair out. As you ladies know, this is no easy task. There are days that hair can cause a person so much anguish. My solution for those moments of great despair is my trusty ol’ head wrap! I love head wraps…they’re so much more bold and fun to wear then just an ordinary head band! I adore the head wraps and other goodies made by the Etsy Artist DreamWoven. Her motto is: Art for your head and body with a focus on ATTITUDE! That’s the truth….

Peace & Love.

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