Shhhh! I Got A Secret!

(That’s Hansel fishing in Oak Creek!)

Today we played hookie from work!! Don’t tell anyone!

Hansel spent the entire day fishing in Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona and I followed him from spot to spot with my art supplies and a fold-up chair strapped to my back. Hours passed and I only had three unfinished sketches done in charcoal. I focused on taking my time and really examining the relationships and placement of objects in nature and tried to mimic that in my drawing. Sketching like this really slows you down and forces you into a state of being completely present.

Later in the day, I decided to simply lay on the beautiful red rocks and listen to the current of the river and the sound of loud insects in the trees. I found myself floating in and out of a deep sleep there on those magical rocks, and each time I woke an eagle was flying high above my head. I need to take this as a sign. Eagles have been following me all weekend long.

Vicki, in all her great wisdom, reported to me that eagles mean: In accordance with the Aboriginal belief that the Eagle carries the souls of the dead back to the Dreamtime, it’s Dreaming prompts us to trust in the knowledge that Spirit is watching and guiding us as we go about our lives, always encouraging us to “wake up”, to realize our potential and to reconnect with the source, particularly when we feel we have been forsaken…

I know I had a long, extended weekend. But I really needed this today. Sedona is always a perfect place for me to reconnect with source. My greatest gratitude to this wonderful universe.

Peace & Love.
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