A Dirty Footprints First!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day outside and I had to get my legs moving on a mountain. My intentions were to hit the South Mountains here in Phoenix, but somewhere I made a wrong turn and settled for the North Mountains. If you live here…you get the picture what a major wrong turn that must have been! Ha!

But…before heading out for a hike, I just spent a good amount of time researching the 100 Day Reality Challenge that Erica over at Blu J ay Studio has been talking about. Let me state that this site is great!!! Full of wonderful resources and people with fabulous things going on. I love the energy happening there! So…I’m taking it on. Maybe not as organized as some of the “co-creators” that hang out there…but I’m going to be putting in the effort!

You see, as many of you know, I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately…and it occurred to me because its just that I don’t fully BELIEVE in what I dream my life to be. Intellectually–yeah, I get it, I believe most of the time…but I’m talking deep down, the juiciest part of my soul kind of believing! That’s where I think this little network could be good….a great place to make new friends that can share their own journeys believing….a place to even be held accountable for taking responsibility of our life and dreams.

I like it.

So what you are about to see here is a first in Dirty Footprints history! I, yes me, made a video and actually got it all processed and up on YouTube….remember a while back I tried before! This time it worked!

But….here’s the greatest thing…the most beautiful thing…the absolutely most incredible thing about this video….it is actually my SECOND attempt. My first attempt was going awesome…I felt comfortable talking in front of the camera, my words were flowing smoothly…then out-of-nowhere two EAGLES flew about one and a half feet above my head scaring the living being out of me–and I dropped the camera. Luckily it didn’t go tumbling too far down the side of the cliff I was sitting on!!! But..EAGLES!! EAGLES!!! EAGLES!!! I’m taking it as a HUGE sign that I’m on the right path! So with that said…..

Plus these two disclaimers:

1. I just finished hiking for over an hour in the desert…I’m not at my prettiest!!!

2. I used my snapshot digital camera to shoot this video…not the greatest quality! Oh well.

Peace & Love.
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