Migration of the Dickie Bird!

I have to share these with you…look how absolutely adorable those ornaments are!!! I just purchased my own this weekend…and for a mere $6.00–that’s including shipping!!!! One of the coolest and truest Artists in blogland makes them: Corrine of JafaBrit’s Art. They are called Dickie Birds…and here is her explanation:

A dickie bird means a small bird
A spuggy
The sparrow symbolizes
self worth
Awakening and triumph of common nobility
The sparrow will show you that even a common little bird can triumph
A symbol of friendly household spirits
I can’t wait till my Dickie Bird migrates my way….it is going to hang permanently over the door leading into my studio!!!! Thank you Corrine for the beautiful work you make and all the heart you pour into your Art…and most especially for always sharing it with us on your blog!
If you are interested in buying your own Dickie Bird email Corrine at: jafagirlart@yahoo.com and don’t miss a chance to check out her cool blog: JafaBrit’s Art.
Peace & Love.
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