“One Woman Can Change Anything. Many Women Can Change Everything.”


A few weeks ago I declared on Dirty Footprints that I was taking a hiatus. To be honest, I expected not to come back till past the New Year. Yes, I would drop into my favorite blogs from time to time, but basically my intention was to turn my back and walk away from the blog sphere that over these eight months has become a huge part of my life. Why? Well, it’s true that I spent way too much time sitting in front of the computer monitor. Registering for Facebook was “hitting bottom” for me. I realized then that it WAS time to walk away and reevaluate how the “computer” serves or doesn’t serve my existence and purpose in this world. Am I here to sell Art and use this blogs as a marketing tool? Am I here to “become popular” and stack up comments? Am I here to escape from living my life in real time–real space–doing the things I really want to do, rather then blab about my dreams and read about other’s living their own? Am I here simply to write? Am I here to share and explore new ideas, my own thoughts? Am I here to find connections with other kindred souls? Am I here to pursue my purpose? Am I here to help others with my honesty to myself? Am I here because it simply is a habit?

For that one week that I slipped away those are the questions I asked myself daily.

But you see my dear friends, I’m going to be bluntly honest here, and explain this to the best of my ability that I know how. Even before my “hiatus”, I started to feel a shift in my existence starting to take place.

A shift. I don’t know any other way to explain it……A shift.

It’s this unexplainable shift that prompted my hiatus and I think I needed to excuse myself from something that involves massive amount of visual and mental input. Sitting in front of the computer—roaming around the blog sphere especially, we just jump from one idea to the next, and our spirits can sometimes turn onto turbo speed if we aren’t mindful to take the time to reflect and marinate in the wisdom we find. When this happens, how much of what we find here really soaks in deep?

But please let me retire back to what my intention was for this post.

I wish I could put into words the shift that is taking place in my life. Everything is beginning to look different. I was driving home from work one day, and looked into my side mirror on the car to change lanes, when the flash of the desert image in my mirror—the burnt siennas and ochres of the land complimented by the magnificent colors of the sunset and the stability of those purple mountains resting way in the horizon–this small flash of image made me so overwhelmed with emotion I burst into tears and laughter as I guided my vehicle over. This is going to sound crazy, but I walk into school every day now and I can actually see the energy that created that building, the trees around it, the mountains that it sits next to, the sky that blankets this world, the concrete even that rises up to caress the bottoms of my feet. I see it all as energy, and something that I too created.

To sum it up: I have never felt so in love with my life before.

This, this alone is where the shift has rooted. This alone is the shift. This alone is creating wonders and magic. This alone makes me look at Dirty Footprints, at why I am here, in an entirely new way.

So, it’s time to start thinking differently about Dirty Footprints…not walking away from it— from this stream of conversation, from this new frontier of sharing love and peace. It’s time my friends, and I’m sure–I’m 100% sure, that if I’m feeling a shift in my existence, there are others out there that are experiencing the same thing. It’s time to use OUR voices, OUR talents, OUR blessings, OUR energy, OUR love, OUR wisdom AS WOMEN to transcend this shift into a new conscious of living for the universe.

It’s time for change, baby—change!!!

I am asking you very, very kindly to watch the video embedded above. The beautiful woman speaking is named Zainab Salbi. I first learned about her and her organization Women For Women International in 2007 when I read about it in Yoga + Joyful Living magazine.

Why I absolutely love Women for Women International is because it is centered at helping the main source of individuals in this world that carry the wisdom and keys to CREATE and help peace and love flourish….WOMEN. It is in our nature to create. Period. End of story. That’s the deal. We, as women, were born creators of life. We hold all the secrets that are closest to the balance and stability of the universe. We do, my friends. We do. Why do you think our urge to create— paintings, knitting, babies, poems, chocolate chip cookies, a loving home–it’s who we are. That is what we do!

Women For Women International goes out and helps those women that are at the MOST NEED—who have suffered the GREATEST BURDEN of our existence–who have witnessed the UNSPEAKABLE EVILS of human kind. And do you know what is the coolest thing about Women for Women International? When they step in and help these women…amazing, AMAZING things are created in a space that once housed war, suffering, sorrow, pain, and helplessness.

We, we who are blessed beyond measure—we need to help, even in the smallest way–if only it is a prayer. We, we need to help these women who are at greatest need…because I believe that we as women as a species carry each other’s spirit—that is why we have been drawn together here–through the blog sphere. Think of all the women YOU have met, have shared with, have helped, have wiped their tears and held their hands–through blogging alone. I know that I have been blessed with an abundance of love through Dirty Footprints…the most amazing women in the world!! And that I mean it literally!

I mentioned the shift occurring in my existence my friends, part of this shift is to start creating something new in my life. Something that my instincts and spirit is speaking to me about. I need to make room. That is why I am making an offering here and asking for you to be inspired to make an offering of your own.

Every single piece of Art work that is in my Dirty Footprints Etsy shop is now priced at $10 plus shipping. I am asking you to please purchase one—for yourself or as a simple holiday gift for a friend or loved one. EVERY SINGLE PENNY FROM THAT PURCHASE WILL BE DONATED TO WOMEN FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL. EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!!

I promise.

I priced the Artwork at $10 a piece because I know that money is tight everywhere, and all I want is for my Art to travel their journey in the spirit that they helped this great cause. Like I said, every cent of the $10 will go to Women for Women International, and the shipping cost will cover just that alone! I feel that what I am receiving from this transaction is far greater then any monetary value could be placed upon it. Furthermore, I love that YOU also are a part of this movement to help the women in the universe that so desperately need our help the most. It is time my friends, time for all of us to speak and act upon the shift of consciousness we are experiencing. Please help me make room in my studio, my life, my existence for what I am beginning to do…by finding new homes for my Artwork–that will at the same time help build new lives for other fellow women.

Please post about this on your blog, myspace, ning, facbook, twitter, and any forums you frequent…all your help will be gratefully appreciated. Plus, I will send you an extra token of hand made holiday love—if you purchase one of my pieces by Saturday, December 13Th. Also, I will list your blog or website on my side panel under the Women For Women International Icon as one of the angels that helped make a difference!!!

I will be donating all the money I make through my Dirty Footprints Etsy shop on Wednesday, December 31st through the Women to Women International website or I will do it earlier if everything sells quickly. (I’ll be going through my studio this weekend and posting any other Art laying around too!) I know that in the big scheme of things it is not a huge amount of money…but I think the intentions and prayers and community of love that we are creating through this project is much larger and powerful then anything money could ever do. It’s time for change…and it takes these simple little gestures, to create the huge shift needed.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading Dirty Footprints. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping in any way you can. Please, even if you don’t purchase one of my pieces—how about practicing a day of Japa Yoga for the people that are working for Women for Women International and the women it reaches? How about donating on your own? How about keeping the women we never hear about on the news or in the papers in our hearts and in our prayers? How about spreading the news about my project to help–and about Women for Women International altogether?

Women for Women International Website: HERE

Women for Women International YouTube: HERE

Dirty Footprints Etsy Shop: HERE

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Peace & Love.
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