A New Year

Tuesday night my beloved Yoga teacher told me about this recent movie she saw called “Man On Wire”–a documentary about Philipe Petit, the man, whom in 1974 illegally walked a tight wire between the NYC twin towers 8 times! Nyla (my Yoga teacher–not my beloved doggie who frequents Dirty Footprints) told me that Petit knew he was going to do this act even before the buildings were built—he saw a drawing of them before they existed–and he drew the line between them with a pencil. Everything from that point on became HOW HE WOULD DO this incredible, magical, and extremely illegal and secretive act. He didn’t think of what was keeping him from doing it..but rather what was needed to be done to do it. After Nyla told me about Petit–I became very intrigued with him. I’ve watched an interview and what Petit says is that it took organization and accomplices to pull this stunt off.


Why did he do it? Just because. No reason.

January 1st–New Year’s Day–it’s a date where we feel inclined to reflect on the year that past…and to think about the year that lies ahead. I, like you I’m sure, have dreams. Dreams that weave themselves around other little dreams. Dreams that I see in my head, that I write about in my journal, that I discuss here in Dirty Footprints, that I blab about with close friends. Dreams that I dedicate my morning Yoga practice too..dreams that are as alive in my heart as the wind under Petit’s feet where that day he walked the wire.

My intention this New Year is to take heed from Mr. Petit. To see my dreams fully and completely and move forward looking at all the ways and means needed TO DO my dreams, rather than focusing on the things that keep me from living them. Look at the crazy idea of walking a tight rope between two buildings in a super busy city—impossible? Noway!! Then how could my dreams–your dreams–any one’s dreams in this world not be possible.

It is ALL possible.

….With a little bit of organization and some accomplices. We can not do any of this on our own..and even if we think we do–there are many behind us holding us up. People, like Petit, who have followed their dreams and made it happen–those folks–we hear the amazing stories all the time! Those people–they hold us dreamers up.

My intention for this new year is to lean back a little bit and feel those people behind me that are holding me up–that are supporting me—guiding me to my dreams—my accomplices. I am letting go of old stories that serve me no purpose–like “I’m in debt.” It’s time to start organizing and looking at ways on how to do rather than worrying and doubting how to do it. It’s time to open my heart a bit further to let all opportunities in, make room to meet new accomplices that will inspire, support and guide me.

Happy New Year’s everyone!!!

Peace & Love.

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