Today is a day of CeLeBrAtIoN!!!! I opened the doors again to my Dirty Footprints Studio Etsy Shop!!!

For a little while I was experiencing what I thought was a creative drought. But, in truth, I was just taking things in—giving my spirit time to breathe and reflect—soaking up inspiration. Now, I feel Dirty Footprints Studio is wandering down new paths of the journey! My intentions with Dirty Footprints has always been a place to discover and share my own journey of creativity and spirit. My deepest wishes for Dirty Footprints Studio is to inspire others to jump into their own expressive journey–to dream in lucid, bright colors–to leave their own Dirty Footprints of creativity and spirit on this planet!! So, I started to wonder—what is it that I want to offer in my Dirty Footprints Studio Etsy shop that can be in alignment with my intentions and wishes?

Art for the journey….

My hope is that you will find a connection with my Art and adopt it as a symbol of your own beautiful journey. By clicking on any of the images below–you will be magically transported to my Dirty Footprints Studio Etsy shop!!!

It’s exhilarating–the feeling you possess when your steps in life align with your heart and spirit. You know that you are on the path to finally coming home! My painting CELEBRATE EVERY STEP THAT LEADS YOU HOME is a celebration and reminder to reflect and rejoice in the beauty of the journey!
I know Spring is near when I start adding more color and fun patterns to my wardrobe!!! Who cares if it matches or if it looks good—it’s simply fun to wear! CELEBRATE THE FLOWERS AT YOUR FEET is a sweet, little painting that celebrates everyone’s desire to blossom into the full color version of who they really are!!!
Also…just a little reminder that tomorrow at 9AM (Arizona Time!!) will be my first episode of Dirty Footprints Studio Talk on BlogTalk radio!! Please be sure to leave your question for me as a comment HERE by tonight. If you are up and about during this time please be sure to stop by and listen HERE or even better call in and say hello and chat for awhile by calling in at 646.727.3034.
Peace & Love.
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