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Recently I stumbled upon a fabulous blog called The Humble Yogini. It is written by Janaki, pictured in the amazing pose above. “Peace is my mission and way to liberation“–is what she wrote in her profile–and the nuggets of wisdom found in her blog reflect just that. Check it out!!!

There is another blog that was just born that you will definitely be adding to your blog roll: Ordinary Enchantment written by the Artist and Writer Marcy Hall. You might remember her when I recently featured her milagros on Dirty Footprints HERE. Yes, I have a soft spot for bunnies and anyone that writes sweet praises and humbling compliments like she did of me recently…but I’ve been looking forward to getting to know more about this Artist since I first saw her incredible paintings on her website HERE. Go check it out!!!

The new year is a perfect time to pick up a new journal. Above are a couple of the handmade journals by my dear friend Elana over at the blog Lunar Musings. She handcrafts each journal as a meditation and I believe that is why each journal radiates peace. These are perfect for recording your sacred life journey in…check them out at Elana’s Etsy shop: Journey Manuscripts.

Since you’re already over at Etsy, and browsing through journals…why not check out the new journals Robyn from the blog Robyn’s Art just released into her Etsy Shop: Robyn’s Art. These new journals have a simple elegance to them—perfect for writing all those long list of intentions and keeping track of your favorite quotes.

You must trot on over in your sexiest of walks to Pink Heels and read through a long list of inspiring women that have made their dreams come true (with a little help from the wonderful Jennifer of Pink Heels of course!!) and live their passion everyday. Go now–strut your stuff–and read about it HERE.

On New Years Day I watched a documentary about Muslims in America. It was inspiring–what Artists are doing now to fight ignorance in this country–plus it was eye opening to learn how different we may seem–but truly alike we all are. Check out the video above..it’s from the documentary I saw–I think you will agree.

Vegan Badge

Last, today marks the seventh day I’ve been Vegan!!! Remember awhile ago I started a sister blog called Kitchen of the Soul? Well, there’s been some changes…and it’s now called Juice Chica–with a brand new address and everything. Go check it out…you’ll even find a video of Hansel and I! Ha!

Peace & Love.

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