So, I spent about two hours at the coffee shop today…just writing in my journal. Hashing out some stuff…wondering where my creativity went.

It felt good, and its amazing what writing in a journal can do to help the soul get back in alignment with the rest of yourself!!!

When I got home I jumped on over to Leah’s blog Creative Every Day. And there it was—something clicked inside…I think its her theme this month for her Creative Every Day challenge that got me all fired up.

Simple as that–play!

Now look what happened after reading a bit on her blog—I pulled out my Art Journal and I filled in that gessoed page that’s been sitting there for days. I turned on my favorite channel on and I pulled out my crayons and watercolors. Perfect materials to play with! These first two photos show how things got started…flowers—lotus like flowers—and the words scribbled down from a Coldplay song!

I know the photos aren’t the greatest, but honestly, that’s the warmth of the light in my studio at night…I know one day I’ll remember this studio–and it will be that light I recall when my heart thinks of the desert. So I keep the photos looking kind of seventies yellowey–and I’m not ashamed to say its a bit of laziness at hand too!
But look what started to happen…when I just let go..and started to PLAY!!!!!!
Mermaids!!! SweetMango—lookey!! more mermaids for you to play with!!!
Written in purple it says:

“one day it started to rain so much the desert became a sea”

Peace & Love.

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