Sunday on Dirty Footprints Studio Talk

Leah Piken Kolidas will be the special guest Sunday morning hanging out talking about Art and Creativity on Dirty Footprints Studio Talk!!!

The ever so beautiful, always so sweet, and extremely talented and wise Leah is the writer of Creative Every Day blog and also the founder of two very popular on-line challenges: Creative Every Day and Art Every Day Month. She also is a full time Artist and both shows and sells her work on her online gallery: Blue Tree Art Gallery, in various shows in the US, and on Blue Tree Art Etsy.

I have to admit that for this Sunday I wish I didn’t have a radio show, but rather a gallery so I could see each and every piece of Leah’s in person…I have been deeply in love with Leah’s work since the first time I stumbled on her blog. Each piece she does is rich in metaphor and meaning. Each piece reveals itself a little more every time you view it. Her narratives for her work are taken from dreams, mythology, literature, and the whisperings of her own heart.

By clicking on any of the images you will be magically transported to learn more about the piece. I highly recommend you take the trip…to read what Leah says about each piece will only draw your heart closer to her work.

Key To Winter

Catching Stars

At Sea


Memory Cycles


Dirty Footprints Studio Talk airs on BlogTalk Radio on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM Mountain Time (8 AM Pacific, 10 AM Central, 11 AM Eastern). You are welcome to join in on the conversation by listening HERE or by calling in and adding your love by dialing (646) 727-3034. If you are unable to listen, don’t worry–you can stop by Dirty Footprints Studio Talk anytime and listen to this or any past shows!

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Hope you can come and hang out with us in the Dirty Footprints Studio!

Peace & Love.

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