He Just Kept Laughing!

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Maybe you are going to think this is silly…or a tad on the crazy side. But sometimes, when I’m stressed, or bummed, or just feeling off balanced…I have a conversation in my mind’s eye with the Dalai Lama.

There, I said it.

This morning, I woke up thinking of surrendering…but that same feeling started to creep over me as I got ready to go to work. How do I surrender to this?

So on my drive in, I decided to call up my ol’ pal Dolly, as I like to affectionately call him. I don’t know his private cell number, and even if I did–I bet I would feel ridiculous complaining to him. But I have no problem when it’s just me alone driving, and Dolly listening attentively as I go on. Though, this time, he didn’t offer me any words of wisdom, or any insight on my situation (you’d be in awe of the nuggets of wisdom he’s shared with me before!!!)..he just started laughing. Laughing as I went on about needing to surrender. Laughing as I discussed how negative this, and negative that. Laughing as I kept speaking.

One of those whole hearted, deep belly laughs. The kind where the pure energy of the laugh starts to push tears to surface and snorts to escape! Yeah, I had a conversation with the Dalai Lama in my mind, and instead of offering words of enlightment and insight…he laughed at me!!

What could I do? This conversation in my head wasn’t going the way I expected.

So, I started laughing too. I started to laugh so hard that I actually started crying. Funny thing…..I can’t stop laughing. And now–my work day is half way over—and it’s been one of the best all year!

Surrender = laughter = joy = taking things less seriously = not being afraid to admit you talk to the Dalai Lama on your way into work and all he does is laugh at you!!!!!

Peace & Love.

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