Last night…I painted.   Today…I painted.  And in the midst of all this pigment and brushstrokes…it occurred to me, that this is my bliss.  And, funny, today I awarded my students with an opportunity to create freely.  I sat with them, following my own whims on paper.  And something seemed more balanced in the classroom, something seemed to radiate from my tiny side of the campus, something–possibly, dissolved into the Universe and created a sense of peace in the place where heaviness once rested.  

Is it color?  Juicy, juicy color?
Is it watching something appear out of nothing?  Ideas captured? Answers revealed?
Or is it magic?  Hocus pocus? A touch of witchcraft and sorcery?
Maybe its alignment of heart, soul, and mind?  
Maybe….. just maybe… it’s the power of color on the mind!
Today my friend told me the sweetest story.  Our friend Arcady has a darling little girl who is three.  She loves the color pink.  I mean, she really, really, REALLY loves pink–like only a little girl can.  Her favorite place in the whole world to go to is Trader Joe’s!  (Yes, the grocery store.)  She loves going to Trader Joe’s because she always leaves with a pink balloon in her hand.  But yesterday, when her Daddy took her with him to Trader Joe’s they were fresh out of pink balloons and this angel had to settle for purple. On the drive home, Arcady got pulled over for speeding.  His daughter asked what was happening. “Well Anna, Daddy misbehaved and the police officer is giving him a ticket because of it.”  The officer came back to the window of Arcady’s car and handed him the ticket.  As they pulled back onto the highway Anna exclaimed in pure happiness and glee “Daddy, this is the best day ever!! I got a purple balloon and you got a PINK ticket!!!”
Arcady said that that comment, with all its pure honesty and innocence, was worth the whole $125 of that PINK ticket!!!!
I think the answer is maybe…just maybe it’s the power of color!!! 
Don’t forget to add a little of it to your day!
Peace & Love.
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