Art Journal LOVE



Are you a LOVE Goddess?

This past week for Art Journal LOVE I was feeling a little uninspired at first.  I would open up my Art Journal and just stare at the lovely, soft pages.  When I picked up a brush, I knew it would be forced, so I just let it be for awhile.  I was looking for inspiration….then I realized…this past week LOVE was all around me.  Last Sunday Hansel and I were interviewed to discuss our LOVE journey on the blog Melly Hocking HERE……when I was Wrecking My Journal HERE I was thinking of only wrecking it in the name of LOVE…..we saw the movie Up and it was all about LOVE.  Then, on my way to Yoga class I ran into my friend Johanna, and that’s when it hit me…..You can see what I mean here:

Inspiration is all around us!!! Sometimes you don’t even have to look!

Peace & Love.

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